Guest Star: "Nas Is Considered One Of The Best Ever From New York"

Friday, Jul 15, 2011 6:40PM

Written by SOHH for Lloyd

[With his new King of Hearts album in stores, Lloyd thinks back and names his favorite collaborations to date.]

My three favorite collaborations are me and Young Jeezy's 'Tear It Up,' 8Ball & MJG's 'Forever' and the 'You' remix with Andre 3000 and Nas.

I pick those three because of the impact they had, what they did to my career and the fans' reaction to them. It's those things in a nutshell. It was that and the fact that I was just getting my feet wet when I did 8Ball & MJG and it was a dream. By the time I did Jeezy, I was trying to show people that I really, really wasn't like the rest of the R&B guys.

I hung out with a lot of certified gangstas at the time. Working with Jeezy kind of validated that fact for me and helped separate me from the rest of the crew. Working with Andre 3000 & Nas was my favorite because it was the North and the South collaborating and the fact that Nas is considered one of the best from New York, ever. Andre 3000 is considered one of the best from the South, ever. It felt like clash of the titans.

My favorite collaboration today would probably have to be' Bedrock.' I pick that specifically because of the fans' appreciation for it. And then it doesn't really get no hotter than the Young Money crew.

Lloyd's vocal talents were recognized by L.A. Reid. When Reid became head of the Def Jam label he turned to Irv Gotti, whose Murder Inc. label had now morphed into the Def Jam-associated The Inc. Gotti signed Lloyd and partnered the street-smart singer with fellow The Inc. artist Ashanti for "Southside." Urban radio loved it, BET loved it, and Teen People loved it. After releasing multiple solo efforts, Lloyd later joined Interscope Records for his King of Hearts album.

Check out the tracks below:

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