5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Murderville": "We Tell Cocaine Stories & A Lot Of People Expect That From Us"

Wednesday, Jul 27, 2011 3:05PM

Written by SOHH for Ashley & Jaquavis Coleman

[With this week's release of Murderville, Cash Money Content's Ashley & Jaquavis Coleman give you their Top 5 reasons to dig in your pockets and cop their new book.]

1. True Grit

My number one reason is because it's epic. It's a story that's going to shoot us to an entirely new level. The story is so in-depth [and] intriguing. It's about two kids from Sierra Leone that came to America chasing the "American Dream" and they go through everything, from the streets to prostitution, to drug trafficking, to being the biggest kingpin, [then to] fall off and [get] hunted by the biggest kingpin. It's just an all-around good hood story and it's definitely going to change the book game forever. We didn't want to tell a story that had been told before. We're the best at what we do. We tell straight cocaine stories and a lot of people expect that from us. They expect us to bring that raw, street, gritty tale. -Ashley

2. Cash Money Approved

I must say this project is by far the best book I have ever written and it's also backed by Cash Money Records with their publishing imprint which is Cash Money Content. Anything they put their stamp on is pretty much a guarantee. Trust them as they trusted us. I have to say this. When we first met [Cash Money founders] Baby and Slim, off the jump, we realized they're great, great business minds. Honestly, as far as Black entertainment, they may be two of the best marketing people we've seen because of that longevity. Learning that and sitting there at the table with them, it was a win-win situation. These guys let you be creative. They let you sit in the driver's seat. Being with them is like you cannot lose. They know what they're doing. -Jaquavis

3. Hustler's P.O.M.E.

I think it's innovative and something new that the readers haven't seen before. It's a street story and it's what we do best. It's hood and it's street. We keep it authentic but it builds our readers up a little bit and challenges them to think on a broader scale. It's definitely something new to the book industry. I don't want to give away too much as far as the content of the book because the way we write, a little clue might even give away the entire book. But I want to say the human trafficking issue alone, it's not just about prostitution. It's about a young girl from Sierra Leone that comes to the States and the one person she connected with from her old country, she completely loses contact with. So they meet years later and they still have this connection, almost like the same connection Jaquavis and I share. Time, space and distance, nothing can interrupt that. So when they come back together, they're willing to go through anything to stay together. They defeat all street odds. So the streets are against them and trying to tear them apart. They defeat all odds and that's why we call it a hustler's love story. -Ashley

4. We Know What's Really Good

Another thing is it was written by people like you. Me and Ashley are no different than anyone else who came from the slums or urban area. We really know what we're talking about. It's like we're speaking for the streets. Know that it came from a real place and it's written in your language and people are going to relate to it. I promise you that. -Jaquavis

5. Class Act

This is the greatest hustler's love story ever written. It's classic. There's really no other reason to describe it. It really is a true hustler's love story. It's the greatest hustler's love story ever written. We promise you that. -Ashley & Jaquavis

You Decide. Will you purchase Murderville?

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