5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "It All Depends On You": "The Freeway Rick Ross Collaboration Is Almost An Impossible Feat"

Monday, Jul 4, 2011 3:35PM

Written by SOHH for Frime

[With the recent release of "It All Depends On You," rapper Frime gives you his Top 5 reasons you should throw down a dollar for his Freeway Rick Ross-featured record.]

1. Can We Get Much Higher

A lot of today's most popular hip-hop music and radio hits are mostly dumbfounded with negative sterotypes. Their messages are full of connotations and metaphors of empty values. Most rappers but not all would rather brag about what cars they got, how much dope they sold or how many hoe's they bumped rather than what they can share to the next generation to keep them out of all the troubles the streets have to offer them when making those bad choices. "It All Depends On You" is a song and a message that's totally positive and inspires all of us to believe in ourselves and reach for the sky to touch it. This is an inspiring song that in today's stricken finical times and rough streets full of all types ot twisted values we all need to hear more of specially those who have faced very serious loss whiter it be financial, human or even love.

2. The Freeway Rick Ross Story

The Freeway Rick Ross story and collaboration with me and his song "It All depends On You" is almost an impossible feat to come together two opposites from two t sides of two different countries. Who would ever believe America's most notorious ex black Drug dealer Freeway Rick Ross after serving a 22 1/2 year prison term in ten prisons would hook up with a white French hip-hop kid from Quebec City, Canada. In light of the expression opposites attract, these two personalities have come together through music to share the same message of believing in yourself no matter faced with what obstacle in life. This is proof that anything is possible in the world and never to give up this what they call never giving up on your dream.

3. Struggle Music

Life is a struggle and we all share our own struggles. "It All Depends On You" let's you know that you are not alone in your struggles. It also says that whatever your going through someone else has too. I have put his life savings into his music and has depended on No one else after feeling the pit falls of the music industries fake promises and shallow deliveries. However through all his experiences good and bad "It all depends on you" was written and since then he has inspired thousands of other artists through email and fan messages of thank this is a song that if you are a artist in music or acting or art that will let you know to believe in your art believe in ourself and through your belief your dreams an opportunities will come true tighten up your belt take a deep breath and invest into yourself what a message and it should be heard. Once you hear you will feel it with no doubt.

4. Quality Over Garbage

Buy a song that has a great beat, great lyrics, a great meaning and one that you can play anywhere. For once, buy a song that is not degrading a woman, talking about selling drugs or gang banging or only about money. Finally a song come out that makes you think and makes you want to make a change to yourself and amongst the people around you. When was the last time you bought a song that made you want to challenge yourself, accomplish something or be like that artist singing that song "It All Depends On You" makes you feel like that.

5. Inspire A Kid With A Song

As young kids something made us want to become pilots, doctors, lawyers, artists, musicians and mechanics. Most of the times it was our parents, aunts or uncles that influenced as kids to become something. "It all depends on you" can inspire a kid and help a parent to influence positivity with their kids by playing this Hip Hop record and letting kids hear listen to his message. It seems a lot of the hip-hop records on the radio lacked messages and in these times with gangs, drugs and prostitution running rampid our kids need these type of messages as hip-hop is the most popular young music and the messages they are getting is from the music. For once you can say to you your young kid here listen to this rap song. This is one of the biggest reasons why you should buy this record it inspires people and not disrespects.

You Decide. Will you purchase "It All Depends On You?"

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