Guest Star: "I Never Ended Up Getting A Copy Of My Record W/ Guru"

Sunday, Jul 17, 2011 11:46AM

Written by SOHH for Termanology

[With today marking the late Guru's 50th birthday, Boston native Termanology reflects on the hip-hop pioneer's legacy and having an opportunity to meet him face-to-face.]

The type of duo me and DJ Statik Selektah are is real similar to Gang Starr. They heavily influenced us. Even before that, before I was even trying to be a rapper, I used to just listen to Gang Star as a fan of hip-hop. It's crazy to even be down with them and be down with DJ Premier and cool with Guru was big.

I even did a song with Guru. The song was so random too. My boy Krumbsnatcha was in the studio and this was around 2004. It was either 2003 or 2004. Crumb was in the studio and was like, "We're gonna be in the lab, come through." Me and my boy Hectic came through and Guru was actually in the studio. He did a verse and Crumb was like, "I'm gonna put you on this joint right here." I thought it was crazy and couldn't believe it.

We laid down all of our verses like boom. But that day, nobody wanted us to leave with copies because the album wasn't done. Everybody who has been in the studio before knows, it's real serious when it comes to copies for themselves. I just never ended up getting a copy of my record with Guru which is really sad, but the experience was dope.

I tried to actually get it but nobody in the world seems to have this song. It's crazy. I've been trying to find out who has it. If anyone knows about it, e-mail me, please.

As far as Guru, he was a great guy. I got to kick it with him a few times and spit a few bars. I got in the Gang Starr video from their last album, "Same Team, No Games." I was at Guru's birthday party with my brother Hectic, I recently signed with Krumbsnatcha. Krumb was in Gang Starr. I have all of those connections to Gang Starr and Guru. They were stand up dudes and Guru made timeless music.

Shout-out to Guru, rest in peace.

A friendship with the Gang Starr Foundation member Krumbsnatcha led to a meeting with DJ Premier, who was a fan of "This Is Hip Hop". Termanology's DJ Premier-produced 2006 single "Watch How It Go Down" generated considerable national and international interest, including an appearance in XXL's "Show & Prove" column.

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