"He Was The 8-Bar Assassin, He Would Kill Everybody..."

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Underrated: "He Was The 8-Bar Assassin, He Would Kill Everybody..."

Thursday, Jul 28, 2011 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Mickey Factz

[Ain't Nuthin' To F*ck With: This week, SOHH celebrates the new release of Wu-Tang Clan's Legendary Weapons by featuring an entertainment personality naming a Wu member/affiliate they feel is the most underrated. After Angela Yee named Ghostface Killah earlier this week, Mickey Factz crowns Killa Sin SOHH Underrated.]

Killa Sin (SOHH Underrated)

Who's the most underrated? That's a good question. For me, rappers like Inspectah Deck and Killa Sin. Those guys are really underrated. I really appreciated those guys coming up as a kid.

I used to listen to Killa Sin body and destroy the tracks that he was featured on. To me, he was like the eight-bar assassin. He would kill everybody in eight bars. I really appreciate Killa Sin and Inspectah Deck. He's got one of the greatest hip-hop verses of all time. For me, you really have to put Inspectah Deck in there as well.

Killa Sin was down with Killarmy and so whenever they put out their albums, he wouldn't have very many features on there for whatever reason. It was usually Beretta 9 and other members of the group. Killa Sin, to me, was a shining star. Even when he was on the "Shut 'Em Down" remix with Onyx and featuring Wu-Tang, he always showed up on any record. There's not one record where he didn't come up on and wreck. I might even get on Twitter now and say, "Shout out to Killa Sin from Wu-Tang/Killa Army." He was really that dope.

I also would put Redman in there because he doesn't get the credit that he deserves. He's got one of the Top 30 if not Top 20 best albums of all time which is Muddy Waters. I feel like he's definitely in that SOHH Underrated category as well. I would put all three artists in that category.

Outside of his onslaught of free music for the people, Mickey Factz has collaborated with The Cool Kids, Emilio Rojas, Drake, Travie McCoy, Tanya Morgan and more. He's performed at notable venues such as B.B. Kings, SOBs, The Knitting Factory, and others. He has graced the pages of several national publications such as VIBE, The FADER, SPIN, GIANT, and XXL which named him one of ten artists to check for in 2009.

Check out Killa Sin's music below:


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