Singled Out: Grafh, "Work It Out"

Tuesday, Jul 26, 2011 9:15PM

Written by J. Bachelor for Grafh

[SOHH highlights a newly-released single each week and offers a unique look at the song and its message. Today, Queens rapper Grafh discusses industry politics, his new approach and why we should all "Work it Out".]

"Work It Out" took me two blunts to finish. Blunt and half and we had a couple bars marinatin' in the pot ...

["Work It Out"] was produced by my man outta Toronto named The Producer. I met [The Producer] years ago on the Internet, man. I'm heavy with my presence on the online - at least I try to be. I try to stay connected to the people: from the MySpace jumpoff to now .. I think [the web] is where the future lies. Erase the middle man. Them dudes in them tight a** suits on the 1000th floor don't know whats goin' on down here, so I speak directly to the people through the web and through the streets. So when me at The Producer met online, we kept our relationship going and it grew into this. Now I got a whole new team outta Toronto. I made all of [The Rule] out there; shot a documentary , music videos - all that. So it's something new for me, definitely a different vibe.

The Producer had a sh*tload of dope beats and this one just caught me. I never have a rhyme written and put it to a beat, know what I'm sayin'? I do what the music says. So far, the energy and the feedback I'm gettin' from [this record] is crazy. I always love the feedback from the people. Super positive.

"Runnin in my rat race/I'll leave ya favorite rapper stuck up in a back brace/I don't care who bought his album--its candy/I'll turn your fanbase into mayonnaise." - Grafh, Work it Out

That line right there - I think that line comes from the fact that I get compared to alotta dudes and I don't feel I get a fair shot at the throne. If you comparing me bar-for-bar with [a rapper] in the game, I'll probably rap circles around that ni**a, know what I'm sayin?! I don't think I get the props I deserve. Compare me bar-to-bar. If you say he's better than me, great. But I doubt it.

When you put that mike in my hand, you can't tell me nothin'. I'm tired of being nice.

Graph is a rapper from Queens, New York. Formerly with Blackhand Music, he is now a free agent. His new EP "The Rule" is set to be released July 25th.

Check out "Work It Out" below:

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