5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Game Tested, Streets Approved": "I Don't Got An A&R Over My F*cking Neck"

Tuesday, Jul 26, 2011 11:15AM

Written by SOHH for Black Rob

[With today's release of Game Tested, Streets Approved, Black Rob gives you his Top 5 reasons why you should cop his post-Bad Boy Records debut.]

1. Like Whoa

Reason number one, because it's me. Bottom line. All them n*ggas with the skinny jeans, they know me too. The reason they know me is because the same clubs they go to and be partying at, guess what? They play 'Whoa.' So they'll be like, 'That's my sh*t right there. Whoa.' They might not know my face, but they know who I am. They know that I'm that guy that sings 'Whoa.' They play that record in all types of countries. They may not know what I look like but they know "Whoa".

2. Duck Down!

Reason number two, the creativity on that album is upsetting to a lot of folks. Over at Duck Down, that's an independent situation. You go in with a different mindset. You go in there with the mindset of, 'We gotta get this sh*t out. Let's go.' It's time to go in and cut these records. These cats at the independent companies ain't playing around because there's not a lot of them.

3. Turn It Up

Three, because it's good. It's good, it's great. You feel me? I think it's great. F*ck that, it's my sh*t. I think it's great. There's plenty of tracks you can blast on here. You can blast that 'Nothin',' they can blast that 'Sand to the Beach,' they can blast 'Showin' Up,' they can blast 'Boiling Water,' 'Welcome Back,' 'Celebration,' I'm naming the whole album. The whole album is fire. Real talk. I'm telling you. I know you probably already heard it but I'm letting you know. Sh*t is on fire. This is a good switch. New artists ain't coming like this. They're not coming like this.

4. Raps & Raps & Raps

Number four, I'm talking about something. I ain't just rapping. I'm talking about some sort of content. The content is why you should go cop it. It's more of a situation on here where it's like, 'OK Black, we're giving you the motherf*cking mic, say whatever the f*ck you want to say.' It's an independent situation. I don't got an A&R over my f*cking neck talking about, 'Oh no, don't say that.' This is the first time I ever smoked a cigarette in my video. You know I'm doing my thing right now. Everyone's been like, 'Put that album out and let's go.'

5. MVP

And five, because it's a classic. I'm gonna win an award with this. The reason why I'm going to say it's a hip-hop classic is because for a motherf*cker to come home four years from the pen and put this music down the way I'm doing it, come on doggy, it's gonna be a classic! Like I said, it all boils down to it being a classic. Now the four things I said prior to this, put them together and it equals the Top 5. So everything leading up to this reason, combined, makes it a classic.

You Decide. Will you purchase Game Tested, Streets Approved?

To buy the new LP, just click here.

Preview the album below:

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