News: Game Says It's Still One Blood, "I Just Talk About My Life Experiences"

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2011 11:40AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

West Coast rapper Game has defended the decision to stay true to his music by acknowledging references to the notorious Blood gang while simultaneously delivering a positive message for fans.

Despite the recent criticism he's received, Game said his music ultimately inspires.

"I just talk about my life experiences and keep fans listening," Game explained in an interview. "I flow with as much positivity as I can. I want to shed light on better things so fans can uplift themselves, which is why I always try speaking positively. That 'keep your head up' music. Tupac started that first with his songs like 'Brenda's Got a Baby' and 'Keep Ya Head Up.' -- I didn't fight ['Red Nation' getting banned.] I have kids and understand why the networks didn't want to show it...They may have banned it -- but it still blew up on the Internet." (Dub)

A couple months ago, Game spoke to late night talk show host George Lopez about having his "Red Nation" music video banned by certain networks.

"I like to take a little bit of credit myself, too," Game told George Lopez when told the MTV and BET ban helped create a strong online buzz. "They said that they had kid viewers and, you know, it was too gang affiliated but I understand. I got kids, so I didn't argue it. I said cool and went straight to YouTube and now we're at almost four million views." ("Lopez Tonight")

Around early May, Game broke the news of his visual getting banned from television.

"So BET "BANNED" the #REDNation video !!!!! Said me & @liltunechi were too gang affiliated in it. Thoughts ?," he tweeted Monday (May 9).
"This just in: the video so HARD it just got "BANNED" from MtV too ha ha ha ha....F*CK IT !!!! I'm premering it on Thursday online MYSELF !!!"
"Guess ya single gotta be called "Bubble Gum" to get love ha ha ha....#REDNation premiering on AOL, Vivo & Worldstar Thursday.#bannedFromTV" (Game's Twitter)

A month prior, the rapper was detained in Canada for an alleged connection to Bloods.

A rep for Substance Entertainment Group -- the promotion company behind Game's tour in Canada -- tells TMZ, the tour promoter got a call from Canadian Customs while Game was on the plane on his way to Canada. We're told customs informed the promoter that Game would be denied entry "due to new information received that Game is affiliated with organized crime and is an active member of the Bloods street gang." The rep claims Game was blindsided by the last-minute red flag -- telling us, concert organizers had secured all permits and approval weeks ago to get Game into the country. (TMZ)

Check out Game discussing "Red Nation" below:

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