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Tuesday, Jul 19, 2011 1:10PM

Written by J. Bachelor

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  • We The Best Forever
  • DJ Khaled
  • July 19, 2011
As Is Hip Hop 3/5
The Beat Goes 2.5/5
Lost One Production 8.5/10

Who's the best? According to DJ Khaled, his team is, of course. The former radio personality and DJ's latest LP, conveniently titled We the Best Forever, hits stores today.

Forever marks the fifth album from Khaled, a former Terror Squad affiliate whose first project, Listennn... the Album debuted in 2006.

Producer - and sometimes rapper - DJ Khaled isn't known for his subtlety. Since telling people his crew is the best in 2007 through 2010's Victory, the Miami-based Terror Squad affiliate has been on a relentless pursuit to proclaim his awesomeness. That continues here with the proclamation that We the Best Forever with his fifth album. Posse cuts run rampant across this record, though there are several tracks featuring just one to three artists. Some guests on here include Birdman, Fat Joe, and Rick Ross, all previous collaborators with Khaled.(Prefix Mag)

Khaled enlisted every rapper currently featured on commercial radio to ensure his musical lineup was the best.

The records he releases are predictable but that doesn't mean they aren't enjoyable. The usual cast of characters are back in tow including: Rozay, Busta, Plies, Jeezy, Weezy, Drizzy, Game (the obligatory west coast feature), Cee-lo,  Birdman, T-Pain, Ace Hood...blah blah blah. The problem is he tries to be the Steinbrenner of the rap game and those are his Yankees, but just like the Yankees, you gotta have chemistry not just individual stars.(Bonafide)

Khaled reserves much of his talents to reminding listeners of his sworn-by mantra, and leaves the album's production in the hands of other beatsmiths.

DJ Khaled enlists some of hip hop's finest once again for his fifth studio album, "We The Best Forever." Production was handled by The Nasty, Boi-1da, The Runners, The Renegades, Danja, Lex Luger, T- Minus, Infinity and Cool & Dre.

  Recently, Khaled defended his decision to rap on occasion, showcased on the remix to the album's lead single, "Welcome to My Hood".

"I love music, [Ross] is definitely gonna be a ghost writer for me," Khaled told DJ Envy in an interview. "I ain't hiding it...Everybody said 'Khaled you need to spit something one day,' so I said you know what, it's only right that I do it on the 'All I Do Is Win' remix and I waited four albums to do it. I'm not a rapper, I'm having fun. You will hear a few verses once in a blue moon, just doing my thing. Shout-out to Swizz Beatz, my brother had took it to another level. Shout-out Puff Daddy, I'm just doing what I do. I love music."(57th Ave)

Critics agree that We the Best Forever is pretty much what you would expect from a Khaled album, its large cast of guest features and instant replay value make it a fitting soundtrack to the summer.

Going into a Khaled album you know what you're getting, similar beats, the same features and damn near the same lyrics about nothing but ballin', bustin guns, and being the illest trap-boy ever. There is nothing to figure out; either you like it or you don't and for the most part, the album ends up being forgettable once it all blends together because too much is the same. Production as usual is pretty tight except for the song that was designed to bring in Kevin Rudolph's pop guitar stylings which is way more out of place than the r and b changes of pace. Possibly if Khaled weren't obsessed with trying to get Ace Hood over and adding the awkward Wale flow a slot could have been found for Pill, who fits better or maybe another handout for Plies or Fat Joe to placate two guys who helped create Khaled who is apprently done with his older terror squad affiliation. (As Is Hip Hop)
Well, what I can say is that this album will probably have a song for everyone. From the hit (I'm On One) to the street anthems (Money and I'm Thuggin') to the hip-hop head (It Ain't Over Til It's Over) to R&B fanatics (Legendary) to posse cuts (wait? that's every single song). This might be DJ Khaled's most complete effort to date as he shows his versatility behind the... hold up, he doesn't do anything. All jokes aside, it's a pretty solid fifth album from DJ Khaled.(The Side Perspective)

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Preview tracks from the album below:

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