5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Daily Bread": "He's Got One Of The Best Voices In Hip-Hop"

Friday, Jul 29, 2011 12:25PM

Written by SOHH for Daily Bread's Apollo Brown

[With the new Daily Bread album in stores, group member Apollo Brown breaks down the Top 5 reasons you need this loaf in your stash.]

1. My Man Is Nice

Hassan Mackey. Period. He's a great emcee from Rochester, New York. He's a beast. Period. That's a reason all in itself. I met Hassan through [artist] Finale. He seems to be a link to a lot of people for me. I became good friends with Hassan and he was working with Finale. They were working on a project as well but we just linked up. I love his voice on the mic. His voice is ridiculous. He's got one of the best voices in hip-hop to me. His flow, lyricism, story, delivery and passion he puts into the mic is there.

2. Superior Vena Cava Flow

The feeling that this album gives you. Just listening to the album, it's very heartfelt. Hassan Mackey has a very extensive, heartfelt story about his life. I can't even explain it. It's emotional and gives you a great feeling. We did this album in a weekend. We did this album in a matter of 72 hours. 30 of those were spent in the studio and the rest were done in my loft in Detroit. We were writing, building and talking. He had written some of the album before he got to my crib, but he ended up not finding a lot of those lyrics, so he had to rewrite them. His story is his story. I provided the sound and the feeling and the feeling pretty much provoked emotion. It just made him come alive. Watching him work was amazing. He's an emotional dude on the mic.

3. The Astronaut Effect

I'm just going to put it out there, Apollo Brown production. I'm consistent. Cats know what they're getting when they see the name. It's all about consistency. I would have to put myself in there. Check for my production. If you're familiar with my album Clouds and the record "Black Pearls," that joint is a record Hasaan rapped to. But the rest of the music is brand new music people have not heard.

4. No An-ti-ci-ppoint-ments

Being that this is highly anticipated, there's no disappointments. A lot of times when people anticipate an album for so long and they finally get it, they're like, "D*mn. What is this? I had been waiting for this forever." Nah, there's no disappointments on here. It's everything you expected and more. Definitely.

5. Hip-Hop 9-1-1

Final reason. Support real hip-hop. It's real hip-hop. It's real, grimey, underground, emotional, heartfelt hip-hop. It's straight to the point hip-hop. If your catalogue is lacking that, go out and get that Daily Bread. And if your catalogue isn't lacking that, still go out and get this Daily Bread. It's just pure hip-hop. Go out and support that.

You Decide. Will you purchase Daily Bread?

To buy the new LP, just click here.

Check out the album below:

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