Pulse Report: G-Unit's GG-GG-Getting Bigger, Fat Joe Swallows Old Terror Squad, 50 Cent Wants To Serve A Billi

Friday, Jul 22, 2011 12:10PM

Written by Bulldog Butterworth

In this week's Pulse Report, we take a look at the new G-Unit, watch Fat Joe destroy any hopes of a Terror Squad reunion, applaud 50 Cent for taking on the role of top dog and oh SOHH much more!

1. All In The Gang

SMFH. Is it 2003 again, doggies? LOL. What once started off with the possibility of Shawty Lo signing to G-Unit has warped into a 50 Cent Records fiasco. From Shawty Lo, 5-0 has signed Kidd Kidd out of nowhere. Well, New Orleans if we're being technical. Then out of the blue he goes on to sign Mr. Jackie Chan aka Genasis? No disrespect, doggies, but I haven't been messing with Sega since 1994, well, 2000 if y'all count the Dreamcast, so WTF? I guess if Soulja Boy can sell units, why can't these doggies? Let's start from Shawty Lo, ONCE AGAIN, making sure we know why he's up on that G-Unit level.

"That's an easy question. I'm not an artist. I am a boss and an artist. A lot of artists, depend on the label to do everything. I don't depend on the label to do everything; I have my own label, so I'm a boss and an artist." (VIBE)

^ LOL. "I'm a boss and an artist." LOL!!! OK! Seriously though doggies. No bullsh*t? Imagine if this is real. Imagine if 5-0 and Shawty could really pull this off. Yeah, so the chances of Shawty being able to find the next big thing and have him/her blow up though him are slim to none, but you gotta respect the idea. Bogus or not, G-Unit's at least got a Southern presence. Speaking of the South. What better addition than a doggy straight outta New Orleans? Hhmmm........bootleg Lil Wayne move, doggies?

"When you hear me, you hear the real New Orleans, you hear the struggle. The real struggle of New Orleans," he said. "A lot of people that's from New Orleans that done made it out of New Orleans never really came back to really see what's goin' on down there; to help out or anything. And me I'm still down there, I'm still in that struggle; I got hit six times from being in the midst of that struggle." (Rapfix)

^ LOL. Aight doggies. No bullsh*t? I don't know a d*mn thing about Kidd Kidd. Yeah, he may have done a record with 5-0 but I couldn't recite one bar from him if my life depended on it. But think about this, doggies. If 5-0 can't get Lil Wayne, what's the next best thing? LOL. OK, besides Drake and Nicki Minaj? A doggy that used to f*ck with him. Hence, Kidd Kidd. I see that strategic moving. Just like when sh*t went down with Game. What did 5-0 do? Made sure to get a crip by the name of Spyder Loc. LOL. Sh*t fizzled but you have to respect the business move. And the latest piece of the puzzle doggies?

"@genasisishere is the newest artist signed to G-UNIT records. He has different sound and style every body's gonna like. #SK," he tweeted July 21st.
"It funny to see people hate when they see a new artist get a shot. There so selfish but there's aways room for new artist in hip hop #SK"
"@genasisishere watch the hate turn into love its always like this. Congratulations you on now. #SK" (50 Cent's Twitter)

^ LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No comment on this sh*t doggies! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If this doggy blows up, then got d*mn. I don't hear it doggies. WTF?

2. Who The F*ck Are Y'All?

SMFH. Say what y'all want about Fat Joe. I mean, d*mn, I've even gone at doggy plenty of times with bullsh*t disses and taunts, but what he did this week actually made me fall back and say, "Well, d*mn." Even though I could care less about a G-Unit reunion with 5-0 and Game kissing each other's checks, AGAIN, I do f*ck with Terror Squad on the low. Most of y'all doggies aren't old enough to remember Big Pun, Cuban Link, Armageddon, Prospect, Tony Sunshine and Remy Ma, but d*mn.......they had some sh*t. The "old" Terror Squad may not have sold records but they were some tough a** rappers. Long story short, Pun dies, RIP, and sh*t hits the fan with Cuban/Fat Joe getting in some beef, then Tony gets out, Remy Ma beefs with Joe, etc etc... Well, for doggies like myself just hoping a reunion could take place, Fat Joe made sure to demolish those dreams in his interview with XXL Magazine.

The "New" Terror Squad

"We just make music. We got T.A. from the Bronx, and we got a female R&B singer that me and Rico Love, the writer, both work with. Her name is Cherlise [and she's] out of Miami. She's phenomenal! Her album is coming out this year or next year. Her first single has Lil Wayne. She's signed to [Rico Love's] Division 1 [label]."

Never Forgiving Remy Ma

"I don't keep in contact with Remy. Me and Remy, we fell out. All I did for that girl was help her; make her rich; took her from the projects; single parent mom; put her on hit records; toured across the world with us. She was down with us, had a different car for every day of the week. When her album came out and it didn't do as good as she anticipated, she wanted to blame somebody. See, me, I don't run away. During my successes or my failures, I put it on me. You can't find an interview where I'm standing there talking about, 'Yo, this executive...' some people don't understand it's not an overnight success for everybody. It's a grind. It's happened for me. I make a great living -- a lot of artists make a great living. But, she, you know, she was getting real disrespectful with me and real disrespectful towards my family on the radio. I could never forgive Remy Martin. She really hurt my feelings."

F*ck Cuban Link & Tony Sunshine

"Nah, I didn't see the video cause I really don't tune in to these n*ggas. Like, who are these n*ggas? To be honest with you, they aren't even relevant. I just hear the gossip n*ggas tell me, like this n*gga said.. I was like, what? There you go. That's why n*ggas can't do the tribute to Pun, all proceeds to his kids. N*ggas cant do the VH1 Honors, cause these n*ggas are straight scums of the Earth. Straight scumbags. Like I said, Big Pun, as beautiful as he was, as an angel of a guy, cause he's an angel.. Big Pun would take a crackhead off the streets and give him chicken at his house and rice and beans in one second. He was a great dude and a great father. But, it's sad that he was surrounded by so many f*cking bad people. For real, it's crazy."

^ SMFH. That just ain't cool. I'm one for speaking your mind, just read how I pop off on here, doggies, but to the extent Joe went? Saying he'll never forgive Remy? Calling Cuban Link/Tony Sunshine irrelevant and then saying doggies that used to hang with Big Pun are scum and crackheads? SMFH. D*mn Joe. RIP Terror Squad.

3. Doggy of the Week: 5-0 Cent

Yeah doggies, I'm back on some bullsh*t, huh? LOL. As much as I sh*t on 5-0 on a regular basis, I give props when props are due and over the past seven days, doggy's been making good. Even though I hate to admit it, 5-0 making doggies think there's a little Jay-Z/Beyonce chemistry between him and Kelly Rowland was a good look. And doggy's nod to R&B doesn't stop there, especially when he claims he's gonna stop f*cking with FOX b/c of some Chris Brown f*ckery. To top that off, on a serious tip, doggy gives out a promise to feed Africans. Normally I would look at that and put it in the "STFU" Honors section, but I'm gonna hold doggy to his word. And then, doggies impersonating him and taking over Rick Ross' Twitter? LOL. Make them sh*ts clap, doggies, and applaud this week's Doggy of the Week.

1. Hey Jigga, Look At My Girl, Doggy

50-cent-kelly-rowland-2011-07-15-300x300.jpgJay-Z & Beyonce

"I'm so happy Kelly got that hit record," 50 responded. "She's due; she's so due. She's the most underrated female soloist in the game, and it's finally time for he...There wasn't no dance moves Beyonce was doin' [in Destiny's Child] that Kelly wasn't doin'. It's just the right song. You got the song, now you can forget about it. It's going. They all did the same moves." (MTV)

^ LOL. Too bad doggy doesn't have an album he's promoting b/c a Beyonce/Kelly beef would be fun as h*ll to watch. Some nasty a** words getting exchanged in different interviews. D*mn. Anway, I gotta side with 5-0 right here b/c I've always felt Kelly never got that shine for being a dope a** singer.

2. F*ck A Sly A** FOX, Doggies

50 Cent Fox News

"I just saw a clip on FOX news Hating on NBC for having chrisbrown on unbelievable. I'm never watching that again. He paid for his mistake #!@%*# holes.," 50 tweeted July 17th. (50 Cent's Twitter)

^ LMFAO!!!!!! I've been going at FOX for years doggies and it looks like 5-0 is seeing what it is too. LOL. The sad sh*t about this is just a couple years ago doggy was clowning the h*ll out of Chris Brown on his This Is 50 cartoon series. SMFH.

3. Take Less, Give More, Doggies

50 CentNas And Damian Marley

"I want to impact peoples lives more. I created a new goal for my self, I want to feed a billion people in africa over the next 5 years," 50 tweeted Friday (July 16).
"Great Ill need your support moving forward RT @thequeuetip: You have my full support Fiddy (@50cent )"
"Every one who thinks my goal is good put #SK at the end of your tweets that's all the support I need right now."
"People here have a fair shot they don't have water RT @SamRothstein@50cent What about feeding people in your hometown of NY or other states?" (50 Cent's Twitter)

^ No bullsh*t. That's on some real sh*t doggies. Y'all gotta respect this.

4. I Got Doggies Watching Me Watching You

50 Cent & Rick RossBlogger

Late last night, Rick Ross and 50 Cent's followers were shocked to see Rick Ross' Twitter account name listed as '50 Cent' with the same profile image & description as the real 50 Cent. After a few episodes of hilarity, it became clear without a doubt that Rozay's account had been hacked by someone. (Hip Hop N More)

^ LOL. I still don't get the point of hackers, doggies. I've yet to see a story about one hacker either becoming famous or damaging a doggy's career for good. LOL. Either way, the fact that doggies can break into Rick Ross' Twitter page and play off like they're 5-0. LOL!!! Seems like 5-0's still got some G-Unit soldiers out there. LOL.

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Yaris Sanchez

Doggies, I might have downplayed the beauty that makes up Yaris Sanchez, but don't get the sh*t twisted, she can GET IT. A** is beyond perfect, the chest is worthy of sleeping on and the face? SMFH. Something about them Spanish women get doggies like Lloyd Banks and Joe Budden sprung. Oh sh*t, did I mention she messed with both? Actually, I take that back. She was Banks' down a** chick and was on the friendship tip with Budden"S". LOL. Anyway. Big ups to the doggies over at Dynasty Series, b/c Yaris Sanchez got Mrs. Butterworth honors all up and down this week, doggies!

Yaris SanchezYaris Sanchez

Yaris SanchezYaris Sanchez

Yaris SanchezYaris Sanchez

^ SMFH..........................................Is that sh*t even legal, doggies? LOL!!!

^ SMFH. "All that a**, in those jeans." LOL!!! Yeah, I know the last clip is a bunch of photos, but after y'all view them, tell me they're not hot as sh*t? LOL. Y'all doggies can thank me later. LOL.

5. "STFU" Honors

LMFAO. Doggies, I've heard and seen some wild a** sh*t in my life, but doggies must have been tipsy as h*ll this past week. SMFH. I'm gonna ignore that lovey dovey stuff that popped off between Drake and Kreayshawn, but the way Drake gassed himself up over his next LP? SMFH. Doggy needs to calm down. How about Red Cafe's a** coming out of nowhere just to announce.....THE BEDROCK BOYZ!?!?!?! LMFAO!!!!! I don't know if we should be mad b/c they bit off Gucci Mane/Waka Flocka Flame or The Flintstones. LOL. Then, as much as I f*ck with Jigga, Jay-Z knows better than to downplay stealing B.I.G.'s sh*t. Come the h*ll on, doggies! Speaking of BK, what in the h*ll is Foxy Brown talking about these days? LOL. And what better way to end "SHUT THE F*CK UP" Honors than to give it up to DJ Paul. I know they sip syrup down South, but what this doggy said has to be single handedly either the most sarcastic sh*t ever or the worst moment in rap history. LOL. Doggies, y'all already know what it is. Welcome to, "SHUT THE F*CK UP" Honors!

1. Drake

"The album might bring me a world of problems because I think I finally have a grasp on who I am and who I want to be," Drake explained in an interview. "I'm just really talking that sh*t. I'm really saying what I feel. I think the goal for me this album was to dig even deeper. Somebody told me, 'Ah, I love your lyrics -- but I know there's more. It's almost like I feel you're giving circus raps and people are taking them as the deepest thoughts ever.' So what I did for this album is try and really capture this moment in time at the most honest place I can. So however it ends up, I'm ready for the world right now. I'm about whatever."

2. Red Cafe

Fabolous & Red Cafe (Bedrock Boys)Waka Flocka Flame & Gucci Mane (Ferrari Boyz)

"We have this group we're working on called the Bedrock Boyz and we're trying to get this project out now, like the Fall," revealed Red Cafe. "That's a name we call Brooklyn, we call BK Bedrock. It's really just me and Fab but there's some guys we like you'lll hear. We did about 8-records to far. You can definitely look for that project soon."

3. Jay-Z

"In 'City Is Mine,' I said, 'This way a world with amnesia won't forget your name,'" Jay explained in an interview referencing his rhyme to the late B.I.G. "There was a vow in that song about B.I.G. So doing that was my way of always keeping him fresh and keeping his music fresh on everyone's mind. So I'm inspired by music and I'm a fan and a historian. I study music and different emotions and things like that. So, if I'm inspired by it, I just use it. It's not a crutch for me. I can write a song without using anyone's lyric at all."

4. Foxy Brown

Foxy BrownLindsay Lohan

"The Foxy character and Inga Marchand are two different people," Brown explained in an interview. "My fiancé calls me Inga. No one around me calls me Foxy. I go to church every Sunday. I go to Bible study every Friday night. I'm saved...The prosecutors just wanted my head -- If Lindsay Lohan was black, she would have done two years, at least. Is there no equal standard?"

5. DJ Paul

He also has a soft spot for one particular female hip-hop star. "I like Nicki Minaj. She is my favorite female rapper of all time," DJ Paul boldly declared, weighing in on the ongoing Nicki vs. Lil' Kim feud. "There's enough money out here for everybody. Just have some fun with it. Both of them are good."

***Doggies, I know y'all are getting tired of my a** complaining about the heat, so I won't. LOL. On some real serious sh*t though doggies, I think I'm going to actually try to live up to the 2011 New Year's Resolution. STOP F*CKING CURSING. SH*T! That's right doggies. Starting with next week's Cap Diss, you're going to see a non-cursing Bulldog Butters. And if I forget b/c I got sh*tfaced over the weekend, well, doggies, that's just something y'all gotta deal with. LOL. Really though, doggies, I'm trying to tone it down. So maybe your little brothers and sisters can finally look at Pulse Report/Cap Diss and not get in a sh*tload of trouble! LOL. In the meantime doggies, enjoy this hot a** weather and get a tan! LOL. -BB***

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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