Pulse Report: Nicki Minaj Takes A Face Shot, Lupe Fiasco Melts Down...Again, Beanie Sigel Makes The Bully Cry

Friday, Jul 15, 2011 12:20PM

Written by Bulldog Butterworth

In this week's Pulse Report, we find out if Nicki Minaj or the Dallas police are the liars, examine some of Lupe's biggest fiascos, give props to Beanie Sigel for bringing the Broad Street Bully to tears and oh SOHH much more!

1. Somebody Snitched On Me

SMFH. Why don't doggies realize it's one thing to diss a blog, but it's a completely different story when your a** wants to get big on the biggest of the biggest. The first? Media Take Out. The second? The Smoking Gun. And last? TMZ. Matter of fact, scratch that, TMZ might even be first b/c if you think you can name drop their a** and get away with it? LMFAO!!!!! You're kidding! There's just some sites you can't f*ck with at the end of the day off the fact that they have sources up the a**. They have birth certificates, criminal records, employment records, tax debt paperwork, etc. Actually, let's take it back. LOL. Oh what, y'all didn't hear? Nicki Minaj got knocked the f*cccccccck out! LOL!

Rapper Nicki Minaj told authorities she was "struck" in the lower lip by a man ... during a heated argument at a swanky Dallas, TX hotel last night ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ. TMZ has learned ... Minaj was hanging out at the pool at the fancy Palomar Hotel when she got into a very intense verbal spat with an unidentified man she was staying with. Nicki told a hotel employee to call police ... while the man went to their hotel room. Nicki followed soon after. (TMZ)

^ I won't lie, doggies. TMZ isn't necessarily USA Today or even US Weekly, but I do happen to believe that if they report on something, there is some validity to it. So once we all found out that the perfect Barbie got roughed up, what does this chick and her boyfriend do?

Nicki Minaj:

"The fact that u believe a man either slapped or punched me in the face & didn't leave on a stretcher w/his balls hangin off? #getaF%cknLife," she tweeted Wednesday (July 13th)
"The media could pee on ur leg & tell u its raining. You'd believe it. You'd believe u were an adopted martian if TMZ told u so. #stopit5" (Nicki Minaj's Twitter)

Safaree Samuels:

"Poolside thanking god to be alive... AHHHHHHHHHHH...."
"The general public are some stupid muthaf*ckas!!!! Y'all d*cks believe anything on a website.... It's really a shame... Wut up tho Dallas?!"
"4the record I would never lay a hand on ANY woman, I have all sisters and No brothers And that's the last I'll say about that!!! God bless" (Safaree Samuels' Twitter)

^ SMFH. Funny how doggy mentions being at the pool, huh? LOL. Anyway, I think TMZ could have gave a d*mn about the SS doggy, but when Minaj posted "TMZ told u so," I don't know. I think sh*t got real! Peep how they responded.

According to the police report, Nicki followed Samuels up to the room they were sharing, to make sure he didn't take any of her stuff. Nicki was in the room looking into her suitcase, which had some of Samuels' belongings, when she says he "grabbed the suitcase and as he was picking it up, he shoved the suitcase across [Nicki's] chin and lower lip." The police report goes on: "[Nicki's] teeth struck the inside of her lower lip, causing the inside of the lower lip to cut and start to bleed." According to the report, a paramedic arrived on scene, but Nicki decided she didn't want to press charges so the case was closed. (TMZ)

^ It's funny. The SS doggy said he would never lay a hand on any woman. I guess a suitcase is acceptable though, huh? LOL. Telling you doggies. TMZ/SmokingGun/MediaTakeOut are always on their sh*t. Now that's what I call a real face shot, doggies!

2. Someone Please Call 9-1-1

^ Seriously doggies, I'm not trying to be funny. Sooner or later, we're going to start believing all this time Charles Hamilton was the sane doggy and Lupe Fiasco is the crazy a** one. Honestly, I don't get it. Doggy managed to bounce back from an under achieving debut album that got leaked hard as sh*t in 2006 and managed to come back with hits, a Grammy and a sh*tload of fame. Fast forward and this doggy is on the d*mn near loose end of suicidal. So just for you doggies, I've compiled a brief list wild a** moments in the life of Mr. Fiasco.

1. I Hate All 722,000 Of You Doggies (July 13th, 2011)

Lupe FiascoLupe Fiasco (Question Of The Day)

"I'm quitting twitter. it was fun while it lasted...thanks for the support on #lasers and i will see you all on the road soon...don't forget...Love Always Shines Everytime Remember 2 Smile....," he tweeted July 13th.
"u know what??? i'm gonna let @NIKKIJEAN takeover my twitter -- go get that album http://bit.ly/nikkijeanitunes" (Lupe Fiasco's Twitter)

2. I Think I'm Better Than Jay-Z "AND" Canibus (April 12th, 2011)

Lupe FiascoLupe Fiasco & Jay-Z

Fiasco admitted that he made a more [pop-sounding] album than he would have liked with Lasers and isn't proud of the artistic compromises he had to make. While he might not feel comfortable making pop music, Lupe is confident with his skills on the mic; even going as far as calling himself one of the best lyrical MCs in the game at the moment. "I can actually make the argument, seriously, that, Yo, I'm better than all y'all," he boasted. "You have people who can say that. Jay-Z can say that.Eminem can say that. Canibus can say that--if we are going line for line. If you want to relate me to the newer cats, let's go. Let's go line for line and bar for bar. If it's all about spitting and metaphors and MCing and lyrics and entendres, I will eat 99 percent of you dudes up." (XXL Mag)

3. I Can't Stand My Bosses, Doggies (March 5th, 2011)

Lupe FiascoLupe Fiasco (Lasers)

Interference began, he says, after executives insisted that The Cool - and its million-selling single Superstar - were considered failures. A fractious process reached rock bottom when Atlantic's chairman, Craig Kallman, told him his verses and performance on a new song the label wanted him to record, called Nothing On You, were "wack". (That was before the song, with Lupe's verses removed and new ones written by its original guest vocalist, his friend B.o.B, became a worldwide hit last year.) "That was the tipping point," he says. "It was less about the bruised ego but more the audacity of it. It was mentally destructive. I say it with a certain laissez-faire now because I'm past it, but back then, hearin' that shit, it fucked me up. I was super-depressed, lightly suicidal, at moments medium suicidal - and if not suicidal, willing to just walk away from it all completely." (The Guardian)

4. I Wish I Wasn't American, Doggies (June 8th, 2011)

Lupe FiascoLupe Fiasco & President Obama

"In my fight against terrorism, to me, the biggest terrorist is Obama in the United States of America," Fiasco said in an interview. "For me, I'm trying to fight the terrorism that's actually causing the other forms of terrorism. The root cause of the terrorism is the stuff that you as a government allow to happen and the foreign policies that we have in place in different countries that inspire people to become terrorists. And it's easy for us because it's really just some oil, which we can really get on our own." (CBS News)

5. I Don't Care What Elliot Wilson Says, I'm Cool (December 28th, 2009)

Lupe FiascoElliot Wilson & Lupe Fiasco

"Hmmm...I mean he has all the pertinent and professional information i.e. Ego v.s. Catalouge argument, not as good as Kanye, Joe Budden-esque derived fanbase, lack of classics etc, as well as all the right in the world not to post me up on his site," Lupe wrote Sunday (December 27). "So why take the hypocritical stance of continuing to promote something that you thoroughly and strongly disagree with both personally and professionally? Greed maybe? I mean my name brings traffic to sites...Or what about just plain old honest phoniness, fakery & falsehood?...I mean thats what RUNS our industry...a lil money here and a lot of phoniness over there...and how many times have I been in XXLunder your reign? or how many posts have I had on RAPRADAR.COM since then?...hmmm...somebody somewhere is faking the funk...but hey thats how its is from the STREETS to the BOARDROOM...n*ggaz do fake sh*t all the time to get things done but n*ggaz dont ever NEVER wanna be called out as fakes or when they are on their phoney behavior especially when KEEPING IT REAL or REALNESS is the status quo..." (Lupe Fiasco Blog)

3. Doggy of the Week: Beanie Sigel

I don't want to admit it doggies, but Beanie Sigel seems like he has his sh*t in order. Yeah, I still think he f*cked up more times than not and is trying to piece back his career, but all in all, doggy is headed in the right direction. The fact he kept sh*t gully and addressed whether or not 5-0 Cent used him as a toy solider in the beef with Jay-Z, gave props to Young Chris for making his solo moves, backing Rick Ross for being a trill a** correctional officer and oh yeah, for crying like a b*tch during that State Property reunion. Doggies, applaud Beanie Sigel, this week's "Doggy of the Week."

1. I Play Games, Not Toys, Doggies

"50 don't like Jay, Jay don't like 50, 50 don't like Puff [aka Diddy], Puff don't like 50, Puff don't like 50," Beanie explained in an interview. "All of them talk, shake hands. Millionaires talk to millionaires at the end of the day. Millionaires talk millions, I don't give a f*ck what you say. 50 used me how? I think 50 felt my position and where I was coming from and he sincerely wanted to help my situation but at the same time, he was doing things he had already had on his plate. So the situation we was doing just didn't pan out yet and that was only because I was locked into a Def Jam contract and they didn't have release papers or wouldn't give me my release papers -- that's the only thing that slowed up that project." (Forbez DVD)

^ LMFAO!!! D*mn, as much as I wanted this to be a "STFU" Honors entry, I can't lie, Beanie handled this pretty well. Y'all know it, 50 knows it and Jay knows it. Beanie was a pawn for 5-0. Think about it. 5-0 had that Before I Self Destruct album on deck and what better promo than to get Jay dissing you? LOL. We all see how well that turned out. LOL. But I like Sigel's modesty right here. LOL.

2. I Birthed These Pups, Doggies

Beanie SigelYoung Chris

As Sigel sees it, State Property would function as a collective, with each individual act pulling double duty as solo artists. To make his point, Beanie singled out Young Chris, who recently signed a deal with producer/songwriter Rico Love's Division 1 label. "Everybody can do their own individual thing that they doing. Like Chris doing his thing with Division 1, he got a lot of good music that's about to come through. We make beautiful music together, all of us State Property," Beans added. "We can stay out on our own and we can do us." (MTV)

^ That's a good a** look. I know I'm only reading this and not hearing what's being said, but either way, sh*t seems real genuine. Most times when doggies are suffering and trying to get their paper up, there's a lot of bickering and bullsh*t beefs going on internally, but it seems like Beanie is actually backing his Philly boys. Who the h*ll says you can't have brotherly love any more?

3. C.O. To CEO, I Can Dig It Doggies

"I just don't think he should have lied about it," Sigel said in an interview. "He should have just kept it real. He had a j-o-b. He was gigging. He probably took that job to be in a position where as though he had people in there that he could look out for. My mom was a correctional officer. When I went to jail, there was n*ggas who had the will. Life. Never coming home..." (Forbez DVD)

LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only thing wrong with this is the fact that Beanie is answering it in 2011, not in the summer of 2008. LOL!!!! Either way, f*ck it, it's a good a** look to get that extra backing from the Broad Street Bully. Shyne aired Ross' a** out but Sigel is another doggy who's spent his fair share in the clink so to get that co-sign, it's big.

4. I Cry, You Cry, We All Cry, Doggies

Beanie SigelRick Ross

"The whole State Property was there, everybody: Chris, Neef, Oschino, Sparks, Freeway, Peedi Crakk and me, all seven of us. That was love," Beans explained in an interview. "They all went out and I came out last. I was in the back. I didn't know how to feel. I would cry for a minute, I was dancing, I was happy and then it was like, 'My boys, man.' ... When we [first] got together, we had our meeting, our initial conversation about doing what we thought was necessary for us and for music, for everybody's careers as State Property the group and solo careers." (RapFix)

This pretty much goes back to what he said about Young Chris, doggies. I never felt like Sigel was primed to be the leader of State Property, even back in 2002-2004. Some sh*t just didn't seem right. Maybe because we knew no matter what, Jay-Z and Damon Dash were the "real" bosses. But reading this, Sigel seems like he really has his head on straight. Now can he do the business sh*t correct? We'll have to wait and see.

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Absolutely Amber

Doggies, there comes a time in every doggy's life where you just have to lay down all of your principals, ball them up and toss them in the trash. LOL. With that being said, I decided to go left field and go with Absolutely Amber simply b/c the a** is sick. LOL. Yeah, I could have lied to y'all and said her personality seems great and where she reps is important, but f*ck that. Sometimes you just gotta get real d*mn gritty, doggies, and so here we are. A beautiful ass-tounding Mrs. Butterworth. Enjoy and come back for seconds, doggies!

Absolutely AmberAbsolutely Amber

Absolutely AmberAbsolutely Amber

Absolutely AmberAbsolutely Amber

SMH. That's a d*mn beautiful sight, doggies. Pay homage and refresh this page a few times. Those eyes aren't deceiving y'all. LOL. And for all the doggies that remember last week, I owed y'all for the lame a** Nadia Dawn clips. Consider yourself re-paid, doggies. Enjoy!

5. "STFU" Honors

SMFH. Doggies, it's been a minute since any doggy was able to have the entire "SHUT THE F*CK UP" Honors section dedicated to them and behold, the day has come. Look no further than that sweet a** Khia to take hold of the honor. Not only did she kill herself by saying some of the most retarded a** disses I've ever read, but she did it all in alphabetical order. LMFAO!!!!! Doggies, kick back and relax. Khia's got this sh*t on lock!!!! And oh yeah, who the h*ll still uses Myspace?!?! LMFAO!!!

Letter A- Amber Rose: Imma show this b*tch a little love cuz she from Philly bald headed and all....She cute!!!! I aint gone judge the h*e because we all know she been on a strippa pole since she was 5 years old, suckin clits since 12, and decided to TRICK and SUCK every nigga in the game and all of a sudden wanna be a model at 35...... Get Money Biiiiiitch!!!!!

Letter B- Beyoncé: F*ck this hoe.........Can Kelly Rowland make a little bit of MONEY???? We all seen Kelly on the EBT Card Awards shut that sh*t down and here you come making Jay Z call in all of his favors to put you on the TV screen with that TIRED, THROUGH and DELAYED performance.

Letter C- Chris Brown: Oooooooooooo Hoooooooney...... How many records you sold????Cuz the sissy's and punks all around the world saw ALLLLLLLL your bizness. With your "Who told Harpo to beat me," Blonde hair, Dick down to ya knees..... Redirect your anger please!

Letter D- Debra Lee: Debra Lee You looked like Petunia the Pig up there...... Who styled you for the EBT Card Awards????? They needed to be STONED and HANGED!!!

Letter E- Erykah Badu and Mike Epps: Shouts out to the Queen.....Ms. Erykah Badu, who gave an -outstanding performance at the Tupac celebration!!!!! You bitches should have had a "Window Seat." Mike Epps...... I loves it!!!! He gave up all of the money Baaaaaaaaby!!!!!! Real King and Queen!!!....

Letter F-Frank Ski: Frank Ski aka Doo Doo Brown with your PUSSY pink, BABY blue, PASTEL Easter colored shirt wearing ass. We know true TEA on why you FIRED Ms. Sophia McIntosh!!!!

Letter G-Gucci Mane: Gucci Mane comes home this weekend....We doing it waaaaaaaay big in Chat Town, but pleassssse explain the rainbow colored ice cream cone you got tatted on the side of your face?????

Letter H- Steven Hill: Where were you Stevie?????? Oh, you must have got the BOOT just like Free and AJ and couldn't attend the EBT Card Awards this year? You gone learn about fucking with the Queen!!!!!

Letter I-Ice T and Coco: So when did we start giving pimps and hoes a show??????? Now Ice T you know it aint no Coco in that street walker, it should've been Ice T and Vanilla Ice Cream silicone overdose!

Letter J-Jamie Fox: Do you really like showing dick or is you ready to dress like Wanda fulltime? The Drag Queen's loved what they saw.......Hollywood does change a nigga? ....

Letter K-Katrina Laverne Taylor and Kimberly Denise Jones: I done let Lil Kim have it on my single, "Fix Your Face," available on I-tunes so we gone dedicate the letter K to Katrina Harbor, who done gave all these niggas and bull daggers HIV, Lupus and Grave's Disease loosing hair and weight, with eyes and thyroids bulging out of the socket! Katrina Harbor has been killing niggas and bull-daggers for a whole decade! When is yall niggas gone tell the truth?

Letter L-Ledisi and Lauryn Hill: Shout out to Queen Ledisi Make sure yall pick up 5 copies of Ledisi new album "Pieces of Me", where the real people hang!!! On another note, Lauryn tell us why that nigga said that aint none of his children???? What's really going on???? Don't tell us you in the business of trapping niggas with a baby too???? Girrrrrrrl......

Letter M-Mediatakeout.com aka Mediafuckedout: I'm a little sick of you sissys and punks at mediatakeout and so I did a little digging and I found out that the turnaround time on that job is about every 30 days.......

Letter N-Nicki Minaj: Nicki you weren't prepared for the awards and we were NEVER prepared for you.....Case closed and casket dropped and that's all I want to say about that!....

Letter O-Oprah Winfrey and Chad Ochocinco: Shout out to Ms. Oprah Winfrey for getting your OWN network.......Get Money Bitch!!!! Imma field nigga, she a house nigga.....

Letter P-Peter : Peter for Peter, Peter for Peter.......Ooooooooo Peter that black Peter and I'm talkin bout the Peter......Cynthia's husband I'm that mosquito on that Peeeeter Yesssssssss..........Ms. Nene you won't wrong!

Letter Q- Queen: I am the motherfucking Queen, I am immortal and I have inside of me the blood of GREAT Royal Queens..... I have no rivals no one can be my equal or dare challenge me.

Letter R-Rick Ross: Is you really selling dope on your IPhone??????

Letter S-Stacy Dash: Stacy we heard about the fight that you had with that whore LisaRaye

Letter T-Tiny and Toya: Toya, congrats on getting married dropping the last name "Carter" because Weezy already told me that I'm wearing it now!!!! As for Tiny, your husband should be on his way home so you aint got to worry bout getting caught for putting them dirty hands underneath the table!

Letter U-: U bitches gone learn to respect me, ....

Letter V-Vlad.com: Ooooooooooo I can't stand his fuck ass!!!Aint this the same honkey that got his ass whooped by Rick Ross them at the Ozone Awards and they had to cut the check and he used the money to jump start this weak website?

Letter W-Weezy and Wakaflocka: Yall know I loves my husband Weeezy and I sips Louweeezyanne tea daily but this new Weezy, I just don't understand but I aint gone give up on him, I'm just gone continue to pray!!!Young money.

Letter X-:Xcuse me.... For always keeping shit 100.....

Letter Y-Yo Yo aka B.A.C.K Girl: Yo Yo, how is that weak ass diss record coming along that you been working on since 2008? It aint even get 4,000 hits on the internet which proves that you are still a NONFACTOR.COM.

Letter Z-Kim Zolciak: Kim you finally dropped Big Poppa like a bad habit because he couldn't keep the rent and lights on at Shannon Mall in Union City! We all knew that you's a gold digging, money hungry ass whore with no talent!

***Doggies, weekend time! I hope all of y'all are ready. Summer is winding down so make sure whatever you do, y'all do it big. Ask that fine a** girl out, give that fella your number, take the family out for dinner on you, delete that Facebook page until school starts back up, buy a d*mn CD from an outlet (or iTunes) and have some fun, doggies! LOL. I'll catch y'all next week! -BB***

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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