Guest Star: "Black & Red Is Not Inspired By Wiz Khalifa"

Friday, Jul 15, 2011 2:10PM

Written by SOHH for Deion Sanders

[In light of today marking the beginning of NFL great Deion Sanders' second annual youth football tournament, the retired Atlanta Falcon talks about what to expect during the three-day extravaganza.]

Let me give the backdrop to what is going on. Last year my friend, Jamal Lewis, who is my ex-teammate when I played for the Baltimore Ravens, and I got together and he had just gotten into youth football. I told him that was great and we decided to bring our team to Atlanta for me to reconnect with my former team, the Atlanta Falcons, and the whole city.

To connect with everybody, we decided to have a youth football game there and it was like a 4,000 person turnout on a Tuesday night; it was just phenomenal. So now we've taken that whole youth team and placed it under our umbrella. It's called T.R.U.T.H. and that means "Trust in God; Respect myself and others; Understand that I have unlimited possibilities; Try my best and never give up and Honor the truth and spirit at all times".

So we have a tournament now in Atlanta an entire weekend. We play games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In doing this, I not only want to touch the youth but touch the adults as well. Since I am going into the Hall of Fame as an Atlanta Falcon, the Falcons have put their heads together and decided to do a wonderful fund raiser for my youth organization as well as reconnect with the persons in the city. We think it will make a wonderful extravaganza and night. It's a "Black & Red" party for the colors of the Atlanta Falcons.

Black and red are my high school colors. They are also the color of several rooms in my home, my favorite color is black and red is secondary. Atlanta Falcons are black and red, which everybody loves, so it was just natural to have the women wear black and red dresses and men wear black suits with red attachments as well. So that's where the theme comes from.

The mayor of Atlanta has been really supportive of everything the Falcons have done down there.

*The tournament takes place from Friday, July 15th to Sunday, July 17th - You're not gonna wanna miss this event. West Lake High School, 2400 Union Rd. SW, Atlanta Ga.*

Deion Sanders possessed athletic ability that most humans can only dream about. He played professionally in both football and baseball at the same time. Blessed with phenomenal speed, he is considered to be one of the best cornerbacks ever to play football, known for completely shutting down his side of the field. In baseball, Sanders was known as a prolific base stealer who also made some key offensive contributions to his teams.

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