Singled Out: Ace Hood f/ Rick Ross & Lil Wayne, "Hustle Hard (Remix)"

Tuesday, Jul 19, 2011 3:45PM

Written by J.Bachelor for Ace Hood

[SOHH highlights a newly-released track each week and offers a unique look at the song and its message. Today, Florida rapper Ace hood discusses life before and after the "Hustle Hard (Remix)".]

When I started writing "Hustle Hard" I was going through a lot of personal issues. Everyday I would wake up and feel like it was the same old sh**. Nothing would change for me: My mom was in and out the hospital and during the time, I took off from the [music industry]. I lost two homies.

It was tough for me to stay focused.

At that time, I was doing maybe like one show a week ... or one show every two weeks. Things got tough financially; [I was] trying to get my nephew shoes and makin' sure he was straight. My back was against the wall. On top of that, alotta money had been invested into me as a brand; I knew I needed to drop a record.

[One night] I was at Club Liv - they get it poppin' every Sunday - that's like Lil' Wayne's spot. That's where he likes to be. At that time, "Hustle Hard" was his favorite record. We would literally be in the club going back and forth - I'd be in the DJ booth and he'd be in his area - he would be rapping my lyrics from the original "Hustle Hard" back to me. Eventually he approached me, asking about getting on the song. So, I sent him the instrumental, he sends it back two days later with his verse. 

[Rick] Ross has always been supportive of my career. He had already heard the original and loved it. So with him, I went to his crib and asked him to be a part of [the remix as well]. He did his verse and shot that back to me ASAP.

Alotta people tell me this is that record you play when you don't wanna wake up because it makes you wanna get up and do something [and] be something. That's a good feeling. To even be back with a record as big as "Hustle Hard" feels good.

 [Being] able to buy my mother a house and perform ["Hustle Hard (Remix)"] at the BET Awards has been the highlight of my career. Ross was already onstage before I came out, because he had just performed "Aston Market Music". Me, DJ Khaled and Wayne were all backstage together, each in our own zone. Wayne was in his corner doing whatever he does to prepare [for the show], and I was by myself, saying a prayer.

The hustle has definitely paid off.

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