News: "Wiz & I Love Each Other So Much & Would Love To Have A Baby"

Thursday, Jun 2, 2011 3:10PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Video vixen Amber Rose continues to demonstrate that she is crazy in love, as she now hints at a future desire to bear a child with rap newcomer Wiz Khalifa.

Despite only being together for less than a year, Rose is already addressing pregnancy rumors.

"Hey Rosebuds I am NOT Pregnant I never went to any media outlets to sell a story either its just not true. :-)"
"Wiz & I Love each other so much & we would love to have baby when the time is right but for now we are just enjoying each other :-)," she tweeted Thursday (June 2). (Amber Rose's Twitter)

Yesterday, reports landed online claiming Rose was expecting. just got word Amber Rose is officially pregnant. How do we know? Well because Amber has approached TWO major media news outlets - asking them if they want the EXCLUSIVE story for their magazine. And get this . . . Amber's asking to get PAID for the exclusive. Luckily for us, Both mags PASSED on paying Amber - and a staffer at one of them, leaked us the info. Sorry you didn't get paid Amber. But congrats on the new baby. (Media Take Out)

In April, Rose opened up about what she finds attractive about Khalifa.

"He's really funny, really charming," Rose told hip-hop personality Sway during an interview. "He's really charming, really funny. I didn't know much about his music at first and obviously he became a good friend. I started listening to his music and we became really close. He's awesome, he's talented, he's amazing." (RapFix)

A few months ago, Wiz publicly shared the same feelings toward Rose.

"It's pretty serious. I really, really dig her," Wiz told radio personality Angie Martinez Wednesday (March 30). "People think it's an image thing and that we're just doing it to be crazy, but like, for real, for real, it's just two great people meeting at a good time. We just like to crack jokes and stuff like that. She's very down to earth, she's very realistic, and that's the way that I am. Just seeing stuff for what it is and not being blinded by the lights...I'ma be with her. That's why we wanted to give it to the world. But it's realistic. It's nothing that we're just beefing up or just doing for anybody's eyes. It's real. She's a great girl. I really, really am into her...I'm the kind of guy who knows when I'm winning, no Charlie Sheen intended. When you won, you don't gotta keep trying to do stuff that's gonna mess it up." (Hot 97)

Check out some past Amber Rose footage down below:

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