5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Where Do We Go From Here": "We Got A Chemistry Like Pete Rock & CL Smooth And Gang Starr"

Tuesday, Jun 28, 2011 5:30PM

Written by SOHH for Vice Souletric Beats

[With today's release of Where Do We Go From Here, producer Vice Souletric Beats gives you his Top 5 reasons to cop the new LP.]

1. Huff & Puff

The number one reason you should go out and buy Where Do We Go From Here is because the emcee that's highlighted on the album is named G. Huff and he's one of the most compelling, new emcees to come out of the Midwest. He's got real good wordplay and his presence on the tracks really stands out.

2. Midwest Swing

Number two, we're from Ohio so you're getting that authentic Midwest sound. You're hearing that sound that's known to come from here by cats like Hi-Tek, J. Dilla, J. Rawls and others. A lot of times cats from the Midwest are known for representing that sound. We're from that generation. That blueprint. We're not trying to bite off that sound but bring a new refreshing vibe to it. So I think a lot of facts are going to be interested in that. What you get a lot of in the Midwest is people going through an identify crisis. You'll have some trying to sound like artists from the down South or West but I think you hear a little bit of mixture here. We're right in the middle so we get a mixture of every region.

3. Catch Me...You Can

Reason number three is because the album is very conceptual but catchy at the same time. We're not getting all preachy on here but we do touch on realistic subjects that cats can relate to. But we also have a lot of partying and bullsh*t, things of that nature, that cats can get down to as well. The project came together very organically. G. Huff was going through a lot of personal stuff in his life at the point when we met and decided to do this. That's why he sounds so passionate on a lot of the tracks. I would say almost every track on here is influenced by something that was going on in his life.

4. Let's Start The Show

Another top reason is because we have a lot of dope features on the album. I wanted to make sure to put G. Huff up on some tracks with cats that people are really liking today. We have Guilty Simpson on the album, Termanology, R.E.K.S. The features are definitely a big reason why cats should go out and check the album out.

5. Double Stuffed

The one final reason is because it's hip-hop. This is an album that's one producer and one emcee. Me being the producer, Vice, and G. Huff being the emcee, there's no two songs that sound alike. It sounds like there's about six or seven producers on here. We have a real good chemistry that you remember from Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth and Gang Starr.

You Decide. Will you purchase Where Do We Go From Here?

To buy the new LP, just click here.

Preview the album below:

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