Guest Star: SOHH Summer BLOCKBusters: "I'm King Kong, Motherf*ckers Better Know"

Wednesday, Jun 15, 2011 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Gorilla Zoe

[In anticipation of the upcoming summer blockbusters, SOHH asks a few hip-hop stars to discuss topics related to the anticipated flicks headed to a theater near you. To highlight the August 5th release of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, rapper Gorilla Zoe envisions himself as King Kong.]

I think if I was actually King Kong, I would probably end up doing the same sh*t that I'm doing [now]. You would see me walking through the city doing whatever the f*ck I want to. As King Kong, I'd be going through the streets doing anything I want to like I do today.

If I was King Kong, I wouldn't take no female celebrities up to the Empire State Building with me. You know what I'm saying? I wouldn't be down with any type of kidnapping. There's no way. I ain't gonna be doing no sh*t like that.

Being King Kong, I'd even go back to [Skull Island] whenever the f*ck I want. I'm King Kong. You know what I'm saying? Motherf*ckers better know. Just don't get in my way. If I'm King Kong, everybody better know to just not get in my way when I'm coming through. So really, I think everything would be the same.

If I had to face-off against Godzilla, I'd take it on, that's nothing. What was Godzilla? An iguana? Iguanas don't even eat meat. So Godzilla would have no chance to survive. I'm a carnivore. I eat monkey meat. I eat all kinds of meats. Godzilla would stand no chance going against me.

Gorilla Zoe is an Atlanta rapper in the mold of Young Jeezy, whom he replaced in the Bad Boy group Boyz N da Hood. Gorilla Zoe's first taste of commercial success came with "Coffee Shop," a 2007 hit by Bad Boy labelmate Yung Joc. Since 2007, Zoe has released three solo albums and a slew of mixtapes.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes hits theaters, Friday, August 5th.

Preview Rise of the Planet of the Apes below:

Check back tomorrow to peep some of your favorite hip-hop artists highlight the upcoming Cowboys Vs. Aliens flick by discussing their favorite alien flicks!

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