Guest Star: SOHH Summer BLOCKBusters: DJ Green Lantern On...The Green Lantern

Friday, Jun 17, 2011 12:15AM

Written by DJ Green Lantern

[In anticipation of the upcoming summer blockbusters, SOHH asks a few hip-hop stars to discuss topics related to the flicks headed to a theater near you. To highlight today's release of Green Lantern, New York City's DJ Green Lantern gives the scoop on his love for the DC Comics superhero.]

My deejay [alias] came from me wanting to attach myself to something different. In the hip-hop world, a lot of times you [hear] a lot of generic names so I wanted mine to be colorful and different.  At the same time, I wanted it to represent excellence. That's really where my name came from.

I was thinking back to my childhood and what I used to watch. [Naming myself "Green Lantern"] didn't really come from the comic book. It came from [watching him] on "The Justice League". It was different and it's actually where it stems from. But I put my twist on it and made "The Evil Genius" my nickname based on what I was doin with the music .

People always ask me if I'm gonna be in the Green Lantern movie and say "I know you on that soundtrack." Stuff like that. The reality is, DC Comics is very protective of their brands, and I respect that. Some of the music and artists I'm associated with have a message that doesn't exactly gel with what they represent. And I'm good with that. But through Warner Bros [the studio that secured the movie rights] and Liquid Soul Media Marketing, I hosted and deejayed the Atlanta premiere yesterday and part of the promo campaign [geared toward] the urban demographic.

What I really am happy about is that DC Comics came around to putting the movie together. When they started doing Batman and these other comic book and superhero titles, [I always wondered] if they would ever do a Green Lantern movie. Today's the day!

DJ Green Latern (aka The Evil Genius) is an American-Italian-Puerto Rican DJ and hip hop music producer from Rochester, New York. He was signed by Eminem to become the official DJ for Shady Recorders in 2002. In 2005, he left Shady Records due to disputes with rapper 50 Cent. He currently hosts, The Invasion, a satellite radio show founded by him. He is also recognized as a producer, featuring on his own mixtapes several "Green Remixes," including, most notably, a remix of the Nas and Tupac Shakur's collaboration "Thugz Mansion." He also produced D-Block's "2 Guns Up", an acclaimed street single, which originated as a freestyle rap on his Hot 97 radio show, "In the Lab" (the most memorable of which has also appeared as a mixtape, "The Best of In the Lab"). "In the Lab" is formatted as a one-hour (with commercials) mix show, in which DJ Green Lantern blends a cappella and instrumental tracks from various artists, as well as breaking new and underground music (such as the Ghostface Killah and El-Producto collaboration "HideYaFace").

Green Lantern is currently in theaters nationwide.

Check out a preview of Green Lantern below:

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