Guest Star: SOHH Summer BLOCKBusters: "I Had A Recording Studio In The Back Of My Bus"

Monday, Jun 13, 2011 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Kid Capri

[In anticipation of the upcoming summer blockbusters, SOHH asks a few hip-hop stars to discuss topics related to the much flicks headed to a theater near you. To highlight the June 29th release of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, DJ Kid Capri talks about transforming his tour buses into a hot spot for his Bronx, NY community.]

When it comes to cars, I only have had about seven or eight of them in my life. I'm not the type of dude that could dress a car up with a whole bunch of things. I liked having a car that could speak for itself.

I own two tour buses. I bought my first bus and then later on got my 45-foot bus. I was always on my bus. I wasn't even driving my cars back in the day.

I still remember going back and buying my buses. I remember the people I went and got them from, they thought I was some little kid or young dude bugging out because nobody buys buses. You really have to be on the road consistently to have a bus. A lot of artists would have an album out for a certain amount of time, have it out for a few months, and then they'd bring the [tour] buses back. A lot of artists would rent the bus and bring it back.

When I went to go get mine, the guy I got it from thought it was abnormal for someone to buy a bus. [The salesman] thought it was a joke and it was going to amuse me. And then, when I went back to buy my second bus, that's when he wanted to offer me a million dollars for my record label. It got to that point. Once we built that trust up, a lot of artists came up to me like Timbaland, Busta Rhymes, Def Jam, they all came to me ask me about buying buses. So I would put everybody through the guy who sold me mine.

But the reason why I had got the buses in the first place is because I was doing five, six shows a week [while traveling via] nine planes. Going here and there. And at the time, I had 15 crates of records going all over the world. So it got to be a little bit too much. But the buses worked out.

My second album came out when I got my first bus and we went around the country and made enough money for me to go out and buy a bigger one. I had that for the next two to three years. Later, I started spending a lot of money on the maintenance and had to finally get rid of it.

I had a recording studio in the back of my bus. And I even had my bedroom back there too. I had the Playstation in there. I would always bring people out on the road with me. I always had my main people but sometimes I would go back to the block and bring people that weren't really doing anything or had a job to bring them on the road and get them work. Some people had a lot of fun and would go off on the road chasing girls, so I had to settle them down, but they really appreciated the position.

I really got to show people a lot of things. I always made sure to go back to the hood and get people to bring back on the bus. We'd get on there and really roll out. I always had fun doing it. It's a good thing to know when you have that freedom to be able to do anything that you want to do. It was great knowing that you're good at what you're doing and working hard at it.

DJ Kid Capri was born David Anthony Love in the Bronx, NY. He began scratching records as early as age eight, and was already an accomplished turntablist by his teens, later spinning records at the famed nightclub Studio 54 and earning a grass-roots following by selling mix tapes of his nightly sets. As his reputation grew, Kid Capri eventually signed to Warner Bros., where he produced sessions for everyone from Heavy D to Boogie Down Productions to Quincy Jones; he also spent seven seasons as the DJ for cable's Russell Simmons' Def Comedy Jam. Capri's first official solo release, The Tape, appeared in 1991; the all-star Soundtrack to the Streets followed seven years later.

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon hits theaters Wednesday, June 29th.

Preview Transformers: Dark of the Moon below:

Check back tomorrow to peep some of your fave stars highlight the upcoming Captain America flick by discussing their favorite super heros and underrated villains!

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