5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Saudade": "I'll Beat A Robot Till It's Out Of Service"

Monday, Jun 20, 2011 4:40PM

Written by Mr. J. Medeiros

[With the new release of Saudade, Mr. J. Medeiros provides his Top 5 reasons why you should add this LP to your music stash.]

1. I'll Beat A Robot Till It's "Out of Service"

...and out resurface Mozart in a crowded church, see how I word this? Since our emergence we have bowed to serpents, insurgents and towers burning, in turn it's our hour learning, shower curtains- lurking in shadows found my former self, in shallow water born to self, the gallows taught us warn ourselves so now I'm workin- searching to purge sin, tilting the urge till earth ends and we emerge when mirth wins and our rebirth is certain.

2. I Stand Alone

I'm half man/ half idol with a hand of stone, you ask can my recital lead a man to home? On the path to that title seat I plan to own? Basically the answers "No", but I'll do it without a dance and a cameo.

3. History

Since 1998 I have produced, rapped, and ran an independent career. Some of those years with my former crew "The Procussions", sometimes partnering with labels; Rawkus, Fatbeats, Quannum Projects, and others- but always have had control over my own sound. Toured with some great artists- Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, and my former group The Procussions among others, and learned a lot from these opportunities, mostly to stay yourself, make music that matters to you, and that it's better to have 10 fans who know what you're doing than a million fans who use you for their "social" standing. The "cool" factor is a weak limb to stand on- better to remain true to the root. History has proven in all genres of music that music makers are for music lovers- the rest are just advertising jingles that fade with the fad they rode in on...but if Lil Wayne asked me to do a song, I would. #heehaw (As long as I can still rap the way I do- and produce music the way I do)

4. My New Album "Saudade"

I am not an old dude- I am not a young dude, my new album "Saudade" reflects this fact. I like metal, jazz, funk, soul, electronic, tons of bass, no bass at all, but most of all I love Hip Hop music- with a focus on lyricism, song writing, patterns, flow's, and content. I write songs from pain, for myself, and then hope it can reach someone else. I hate to promote myself, I love to promote myself, I feel I am a pretty solid rapper and producer- then sometimes I feel like a goofball and force myself to get better..."Saudade."

5. The Album Is Around $9

I saw a man earlier today walking down the hot Los Angeles streets eating a burrito in one hand and drinking this massive "drink" in the other. I guarantee you that cost him around 7 bucks. Now the hot sauce stain on his shirt, after tripping over a crack in the road, is prolly gonna cost him around 2 bucks to fix- and most likely he won't get rid of the stain, it will just be a lighter version of the stain he has now. I don't know if he knows it- but my album costs 9 bucks too- and it doesn't do all of that.

You Decide. Will you purchase Saudade?

To purchase the new project, just click here.

Check out the new album below:

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