5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Rap's New Generation": "No One's Ever Used This Footage Of Wiz Khalifa Before"

Thursday, Jun 9, 2011 4:20PM

Written by SOHH for Terrell Blair

[With this week's release of Crack DVD, Volume 11: Raps New Generation, Hoodlife Cyphas CEO Terrell Blair gives you his Top 5 reasons to put your money where your mouth is.]

1. Picture My Cameras Rollin'

First and foremost, I'm a veteran in the game. I've birthed a lot of artists through my DVDs. And I'm not saying birthed them in a literal sense but I gave them marketing and promotion. I was there when some of these artists were just unknown artists.

2. Every Other City I Go

It's a DVD that's not only capturing interesting footage but [they contain] interviews that are not only entertaining but educational. I'm distributed in over 30 states. I still give theses artists markets that are uncharted. With the up-and-coming artists, they get a chance to have the consumers see them through the Crack DVDs. If there's an artist from Kentucky, they now can now see an artist from New York. It's cross-promoting for them.

3. Catch 'Em Through The Cracks

This edition is called Rap's New Generation. Any DVD I put out, I always have to be topic oriented. In my line-up, I was really meticulous. For example, I have Tech N9ne on there. Tech N9ne is the biggest, biggest, biggest indie artist ever. But in the eyes of many, he's still a new artist. To put him on there with a Wiz Khalifa, more and more people will look at the DVD based off Wiz Khalifa but he will gain a new audience. I have Fred the Godson on the DVD. I took a chance with putting Fred The Godson on there because he's been with the movement since my first DVD. He got to a point where he deserves to have that cover. I have an assortment of different artists that are currently doing their thing, they've been doing their thing for a while, but the spotlight is on them right now. So I wanted to be sort of strategic in my lines with this Crack DVD.

4. Star of The Show

No one's ever used this footage of Wiz Khalifa before. If you notice, I caught him when he didn't even have any tattoos or nothing. I followed Wiz Khalifa from his indie days so I got him on the DVD. I even got him spitting. He's spitting exclusively for Crack DVD. Other than that, this footage goes back to the top of January and February but it's all exclusive.

5. Grind Time

The process of putting these DVDs together has become second nature but [with] the same token, what I've noticed, a lot of these artists still haven't gotten a chance to develop. So we, the editors, producers, become that development for them because some of them can't give certain types of answers. They'll stutter or say this and that, so sometimes one interview can take a little while because we have to clean them up. So there's some time invested into these.

You Decide. Will you purchase, Crack DVD, Vol. 11: Raps New Generation?

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