5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "King Kong": "Crack, Coke, Heroin, Dope Is Dope"

Tuesday, Jun 14, 2011 2:05PM

Written by SOHH for Gorilla Zoe

[With today's release of King Kong, Gorilla Zoe breaks down the Top 5 reasons you need to add his new album to your music collection.]

1. That's That Sh*t

The first reason why you need to buy my album is because it's Gorilla Zoe. If you f*ck with me, you know I'm gonna give you that sh*t that's gonna go straight to your soul. A lot of records on my albums ain't never gonna hit the radio or see the light of TV. But they're crazy records and I think most of my fans know that.

2. I'm Yo' Mama, I'm Yo' Daddy, I'm That N*gga In The Alley

Second of all, this is something different. It's spear headed. There ain't nothing else that sounds like this, sonically. The audio and visual on it is ridiculous. I've been working on the craft and I really wanted to hit it on the head. What's crazy is I kind of knew what I wanted so it took some digging and some research. First of all, I had to learn frequencies with this album. I had to understand the whole technology behind the frequency in audio. I had to find out what was pleasant to certain ears. I found out it's not about saying the same things over and over, it's about how you deliver the music. This is very addictive and it gives it a new feel. Dope is dope. No matter how you cut it. Crack, coke, heroin, dope is dope. It's about how you "deliver" the dope. Because everybody doesn't want to shoot heroin. Some motherf*ckers don't want to smoke crack. Some don't want to put stuff up their nose. You gotta know what you're doing when you're delivering dope music. So I studied the art of music and to do it, you gotta listen to other sh*t and understand what people are f*cking with.

3. The Big Hit

The actual amount of hits on this album is actually uncalled for. The continuity of this album is amazing too. It's music for everyone, especially the trap, it's for the popular music fans, it's something that a lot of people are gonna be able to relate to. It's ridiculous how many hits there are. If you get the motherf*cking album, you're gonna understand how many hits are on there [as opposed to other projects]. We had a debate on what record to put out. We felt like we had to drop two records at the same time because there's so many hits. And every time we release records, it'll have to be two at a time because there's so many. It's on some next level sh*t. I'm not just talking about having a "cool" record, I'm talking about smash hits.

4. First Come, First Serve Basis

The fourth reason is because it's simply a great album. If you don't cop it, then you're gonna hear about it anyway. The haters can hate as much as they want but they'll see. Numbers don't lie and there's gonna be songs on here that go up on Billboard and make them say, "D*mn. Look at those numbers."

5. Get Like Me

The last reason why you need to buy my album is because Gorilla Zoe said so.

You Decide. Will you purchase King Kong?

To buy the new album, just click here.

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