News: Jay-Z & Kanye West's Throne Rusts, "Sorry To Ruin Your Holiday, Folks!"

Thursday, Jun 30, 2011 10:30PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Turns out Jay-Z and Kanye West's highly-anticipated Watch the Throne joint album will keep fans yearning as new reports claim it is no longer dropping July 4th.

Music network VH1 claims Hov and Ye's new record will not drop on Independence Day.

Contrary to reports earlier today that speculated that Watch The Throne, Kanye West and Jay-Z's highly anticipated new collaborative album, would be released on July 4, VH1 can exclusively confirm that the record will NOT be dropping on our nation's birthday. We spoke to sources close to Jay-Z's management team earlier today who have direct knowledge of the album's release plans, and they confirmed that the rumored July 4th release date is "not happening." Sorry to ruin your holiday, folks! (VH1)

Earlier this week, rumors emerged claiming the project would drop as a digital-only release.

Kanye and Jay are so serious...and sincere with their new album. I am hearing one of the craziest rumors in a minute. Word on the block is that Jay-Z and Yeezy are going to release Watch The Throne on MONDAY as a digital ONLY release. I am not sure what banner they will fall under or anything of that nature, but I assume they are looking to avoid the normal leaks that occur. (Illseed Rumors)

A few weeks ago, reports of a July 4th release hit the Internet.

The Source has received a solid date for the release of Jay-Z and Kanye West's collaborative and highly anticipated album Watch The Throne: July 4th. The information was shared exclusively to The Source by a source very close to the Hov and Ye super project. Later on this evening there will be a G.O.O.D. Music event presented by Heineken and Kanye West held at a still undisclosed location in New York City. Rumors are speculating that at said event, Kanye and Jay-Z might be making an announcement about the July 4th release date. Once the July 4th date is confirmed, remember that you heard it here first. Fireworks indeed. (The Source)

G.O.O.D. Music artist CyHi the Prynce talked about the delayed project this week.

"They are ready to go. Right now, all the music and everything is done," CyHi said in an interview. "But you know my guy -- we over here with [Kanye], so 'Ye is gonna add his last little pizzazz, and it's going to be ready for you guys soon...I don't know the business of the logistics of it -- Those are the bosses. You never know what they gonna do and how they gonna put it out. They might put it out yesterday." (MTV)

Check out some recent Jay-Z footage down below:

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