Guest Star: "It's Important To Show That Other Side To Women Right Now"

Wednesday, Jun 15, 2011 3:30PM

Written by SOHH for Young Chris

[With this week's release of L.I.F.E. (Ladies In Free Everywhere), Young Chris breaks down how the female-geared mixtape came into fruition.]

The latest thing that's going on with me is this new mixtape called The L.I.F.E. I put this together as something special for the females. This is a tape that I've dedicated to them. There's a lot of classic joints on here like LL Cool J's "Hey Lover" and Keith Sweat's "Twisted".

I also made sure to do a few originals. I just feel like it's very important to show that other side to the women right now. A lot of people really haven't seen that side of me. That's been the main focus right.

The project came together when one of my man's birthdays were coming up and he said he wanted to do a party in Philly. You know how people say, "Ladies in free until 11, 12." And so I said, "Ladies in free all night" for the party. I felt like ladies should get in all night. If there aren't any ladies in a club, then there's no way guys are going to pay to get in. We just wanted to have a good time.

So my man Juelz, who does marketing for me, he came up with the idea. He said, "Ladies In Free Everywhere," and that's what L.I.F.E. stands for. And all of the people over at the label, Universal, in the sales and marketing department tightened it up for me and we just ran with the whole mixtape concept.

[Producer] Rico Love always comes up with great ideas and showed me like, "let's just do this tape and show everybody." I had already had a lot of records because I cut a lot of songs for females anyway from the whole [2003 Young Gunz single] "No Better Love" standpoint. That's my little twist. It's natural though and reflects my lifestyle.

Me and Rico started cutting records for the tape, went to the studio, and just kind of stamped them all out. Everybody was really excited about the freestyles because I had originals already that had never been released. So it all made sense to put it all together and picking the best.

To download the new mixtape, just click here.

Young Chris (born Christopher F. Ries in 1983) is a Grammy-nominated American rapper and songwriter. A member of Philadelphia rap duo Young Gunz, formerly signed to Roc-A-Fella records through Beanie Sigel's State Property collective, early success included the hit single "Can't Stop, Won't Stop". Signed in December 2010 as a solo artist to Universal Motown through producer/songwriter Rico Love's label imprint Division1, Young Chris is currently working on his album release.

Check out a preview of the mixtape below:

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