Guest Star: "I'm Not Knocking Any Other DVDs But I I Didn't [Want To] Sell My Soul"

Tuesday, Jun 14, 2011 4:30PM

Written by SOHH for Terrell Blair

[In a market popularized with SMACK and Come-Up urban retail videos, Crack DVD CEO Terrell Blair speaks on maintaining his longevity in such a competitive market.]

This is my tenth year putting out DVDs. I was actually one of the first to put out a DVD. One of the first things I always went with was focusing on the artists that always took that indie lane. When other DVDs began to pop up, they started focusing on mainstream artists and they were incorporating a lot of other bull crap. I'm not knocking any other DVDs but I wanted to remain in the lane where I didn't sell my soul.

I wanted everything to be purified and self contained in a sense. Also, with the audience and art, of course everything is all digital and viral at this point, but I created a brand. So why not continue to put them out?

As soon as I put this Crack DVD Volume 11 out, you can only imagine how many calls I got. There were artists calling saying they were supposed to be on this DVD. One thing I've always tried to base my Crack DVD off of is the artist has to have some type of buzz going on. They have to have a level of total independency.

With some people, it [remains] business but I'm an avid fan of some of these artists. So sometimes I lose. I may put an artist out there that may be from Texas, a little city where no one knows but he's so big out there. I may understand his grind and people might say, "What the F?" I think it's my love of hip-hop. It's my love of hip-hop.

Terrell Blair is the CEO of Hoodlife Cyphas DVDs & CRACK DVDs. His DVDs are most known for capturing a mixture of aspiring emcees and mainstream artists including Wiz Khalifa, Tech N9ne, French Montana, Fred the Godson and more. In addition to directing and editing, Terrell Blair also works on multiple charity-related projects.

Check out a preview of Terrell Blair's Crack DVD, Vol. 11: Raps New Generation below:

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