Guest Star: "I Think Drake Is A Fine Example Of Vulnerability Being Successful"

Tuesday, Jun 21, 2011 3:15PM

Written by SOHH for Sha Stimuli

[With the recent release of his The Break-Up Part 2: The Proposal, rapper Sha Stimuli speaks on the popularity of hip-hop artists revealing their softer side to the public as of late.]

I think Drake is a fine example of vulnerability being successful. It may have started with Jay-Z when he started [opening up] on one or two songs. And then Kanye West really took off and was like, "Look, I'm human, I'm me." So he really took off and did the 808's & Heartbreak, putting his real life on record.

It was really kind of like an opposition to someone like a 50 Cent who is like a superhero on record. A lot of the young rappers follow that and want to have the gunplay, selling drugs and you never see them off their game. And throughout my time coming up, I was told you gotta be this way or you gotta be that way. I didn't really feel like it was all the way me.

So what you're starting to see now is hip-hop catching up to humanity. For Jim Jones to put himself on camera having his girl propose, you gotta think back to a couple years ago when dudes wouldn't even admit they have a main chick. Now it's like Wiz Khalifa is hugged up, Kanye West, these artists are showing it. Even Jay-Z is not denying the marriage [to Beyonce] as much as they were.

I think all of that helps the next generation because you got kids at home writing rhymes and they're not so reluctant to talk about what's going on in their lives and they'll get in front of a camera and say what it is. I think it might hit an extreme where we have a bunch of lame punks but let's just hope it stays in the middle where guys are able to be themselves.

Sha Stimuli is a New York rapper widely known for his mixtape releases, beginning with Let Me Show You The Way in 2002, which earned him a spot in The Source Magazine's Unsigned Hype section. Sha Stimuli is the younger brother of producer and rapper Lord Digga, through whom he was introduced to known Brooklyn rappers such as Notorious B.I.G and Masta Ace. In 2008, Sha made headlines for releasing 12 mixtapes in 12 months alongside DJ Victorious.

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