Underrated: "[When] You Listen To Her Words, You Can Feel It"

Thursday, Jun 23, 2011 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Somaya Reece

[SOHH features a new entertainment personality each week to speak on who they feel is the most underrated artist. After DJ Green Lantern gave Havoc the title earlier this week, Somaya Reece names Jean Grae SOHH Underrated.]

Jean Grae (SOHH Underrated)

Jean Grae is my pick for SOHH Underrated. She's always been my favorite. I always thought she was so cool. Talib Kweli is my boy and he finally introduced me to her. She's very well respected but come on, man. She deserves to be up there too.

Just listen to that flow. I mean, I could go on and on.

I love her stories. Her stories draw me. She has a way of painting a story with words. You can really feel what she's seeing too. She's really educated. I really admire a well-educated, strong woman and I love that she [portrays] that in her songs.

I love very lyrical rap. That's really my thing. A lot of people don't know that about me. When I had my radio show, that's all we played. That lyrical, real problems rap and things of that nature.

I just love what she's doing. She paints a really good picture. [When] you listen to her words, you can feel it. You can feel her.

Somaya Reece is a rapper, radio personality and actress who has origins from the West Coast. In addition to making music, she has taken her talent to the big screen as seen in the new Go For It! film and to the silver screen as one of the main cast members of VH1 reality series "Love & Hip-Hop." While known as a West Coast artist, Reece moved to the New York City region in the late 2000's to continue her career in the music industry.

Check out some of Jean Grae's music below:

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