News: Foxy Brown Chewed Out By Judge, "Don't Put Me In A Position When I'm Going To Remand You"

Tuesday, Jun 21, 2011 5:27PM

Written by Biz Jones

Brooklyn rapper Foxy Brown became the center of attention Tuesday (June 21) afternoon after arriving hours late to a court case in New York.

According to reports, Brown blamed her tardiness on miscommunication from her lawyer.

"Don't put me in a position when I'm going to remand you to make sure you're here at 9:30," Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice John Walsh told Brown, who showed up at his courtroom past noon. "Court starts at 9:30, not when you roll in." An emotional Brown countered that her lawyer Salvatore Srazzullo, who didn't show up in court but sent an aide instead, instructed her to appear at 11:30 a.m. She showed reporters a text message from him to prove her point. (New York Daily News)

Despite the complication, Foxy's attorney assured media they are on good terms.

"This is b-------. I'm always here on time," she ranted. "This is why I'm peeved." Wearing a short, puffy dress, she huddled with her posse and another lawyer before declaring, "I have a big decision to make today." Strazzullo later said there is no animosity between his client and him. The trial is now set to begin July 12. (New York Daily News)

Last November, Brown turned down a plea deal in her summer 2010 case.

Foxy Brown has refused to accept a plea deal over a misdemeanor charge of violating a court order stemming from a confrontation with a neighbor. The hip-hop star, real name Inga Marchand, was arrested and charged with public lewdness and harassment after a run-in with Arlene Raymond in New York in July. Brown, who faces up to one year in jail if found guilty of violating the protection order, said after the hearing: "We will fight this." (Fox News)

In September, Brown pleaded her innocence in a New York courtroom.

Brown, whose real name is Inga Marchand, entered the plead Friday to a charge of criminal contempt. She could face up to one year in jail. Prosecutors say Brown violated the order in July by screaming at neighbor Arlene Raymond before bending over, baring her buttocks and showing her underwear while shouting an obscenity. The 31-year-old Brown was issued the order of protection after pleading guilty in 2008 to menacing Raymond with her cell phone. (Associated Press)

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