News: Fabolous Comes Clean On Amber Rose Sex Rumors, "Did I Ever Smush?" [Video]

Tuesday, Jun 21, 2011 10:55AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Brooklyn rapper Fabolous has finally put an end to gossip surrounding past rumors about him and video vixen Amber Rose and denied ever sleeping with the bald bombshell.

During an interview with radio host Tim Westwood, F-a-b-o said that Rose is nothing more than a friend.

"Did I ever smush," Fab said, repeating Tim Westwood's question. "Smush? What kind of word is that? Is that like a UK word for [sex]? Uh, OK. No. She's just a friend. [Kanye West to me to Wiz Khalifa?] Nah. I was out of that stepping stone. I got moved out of that equation. I guess it just went from Kanye to Wiz." ("Tim Westwood TV")

Last October, Rose hit up Twitter to deny gossip about being knocked up by Fab.

"Whoa Lol I'm NOT Pregnant Please ppl the internet is 97% wrong ABOUT ME I'm not THAT girl they portray me to be," she tweeted yesterday (October 6) (Amber Rose's Twitter).

Fab also made sure to clear his name from the speculation.

"I see Media Takeout is the urban CNN.. Despite the rumor I didn't get anyone pregnant.. #ItAintMineTweet," he tweeted Tuesday evening. (Fabolous' Twitter)

Following her break-up with Kanye West last summer, rumors of Fab and Rose linking up landed online.

We have a feeling Kanye West's ex, bald beauty Amber Rose, won't be too jealous of Melody Thornton, despite Rose's breakup with Kanye this summer. After a rumored summer fling with New Orleans Saint Reggie Bush, the model found another trophy fish in the hip-hop gene pool: rapper Fabolous. Rose and Fab haven't advertised their romance, either, but one nightlife-loving source spied the duo at Juliet Supper Club in Chelsea on Monday morning. They arrived together at 1 a.m. with two other friends, but left separately: Rose at around 3 a.m., Fab shortly before 4. (New York Daily News)

Check out Fabolous' interview below:

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