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Tuesday, Jun 28, 2011 1:45PM

Written by J. Bachelor

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  • Weekend At Burnie's
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  • June 28, 2011
See Hear Group 7/10
AllHipHop 4.5/5
Planet Ill 3.7/5
One Thirty BPM 90/100
Daily Chiefers 3.5/5

Nawlins jet-setter and rhyme spitter Curren$y is riding high, as his latest album, Weekend at Burnie's makes its way into retail outlets this week.

Burnie's marks the sixth commercial disc for the 30-year-old rapper, who at one point had deals with No Limit and Cash Money Records before landing a deal with Warner Bros.

New Orleans's most underrated rapper, Curren$y, releases his sixth studio album, "Weekend at Burnie's". This is Curren$y's second album with Warner Bros. since his departure from Def Jam. Since the start of his career in 2002, Curren$y has built an incredible buzz for himself. Releasing over a dozen free mixtapes, averages around two albums a year, including being the founder of Jet Life, he is the only rapper to have an impressive resume, not go main stream and still continues to gain fans.(Daily Chiefers)

Spitta keeps it close to home on the album, as his cohorts Young Roddy and Trademark the Skydiver ride shotgun on the way to Burnie's.

"This Is The Life" injects a higher musicality and energy with its lively piano work and agile drum/high hat rhythm. "Ya'll ain't got the heart for it, get the cardio," raps Curren$y as he games the latest weed-hungry chick ready to hop in the whip. The R&B crooning on the hook is strong and not overdone. The 808 bass synthy groove returns with "In G's." Curren$y spreads his largesse as he "rhymes a few bars to buy his homies some cars," tipping his cap to B.I.G. and setting the stage for Roddy and Trademark. Trademark does his thing on the anchor leg with good presence and a solid confident delivery.(Planet Ill)

Monsta Beatz handled most of the heat behind the boards, and producers such as Havoc and Magnedo7 were called in to occasionally keep the flame burning.

The album's production comes mostly from Monsta Beatz, who supplies eight of the 12 tracks; other producers like Rahki, Havoc, Magnedo7, and Dirk Pate are also along for the ride.(All Hip Hop)

Known for jetting to-and-from various record companies, Curren$y recently spoke to SOHH about his current label home.

"I'm f*cking pumped about it," Curren$y told SOHH when asked about being on the same label as Maybach Music and XV. "And they signed [R&B singer] Jill Scott too. So Jill Scott's over here, Rick Ross signed Teedra Moses. She's from New Orleans [like me]. It's crazy. It's great when you need to look for features and you have a pretty steep stable [of Warner Bros. artists]." (SOHH)

Critics agree that, while Weekend At Burnie's may not be a masterpiece, Spitta cruises comfortably in his own lane, remaining true to his time-tested formula of style over substance.

There's not much Curren$y could have done better here. For longtime fans uncertain of Spitta flirting outside his circle, well, if the results of Covert Coup still didn't change your mind, then here's Weekend at Burnie's. Most assume Curren$y releases so much material in a scattershot attempt at collecting buzz. Is he? Most rapper's putting out as much material would have lost energy by now, or at the least compromised, but Spitta only seems all the more himself with each record. He's been through the funnel, through the Young Money grater, and - thankfully - thought more of himself than the recent YM stars seem to. He's said it himself; he'd rather stay in the underground. His reasoning isn't too complicated: he wants to be able to make music he actually likes himself. Weekend at Burnie's is perhaps the strongest evidence of this yet. (One Thirty BMP)
Mark it as another successful outing for Curren$y. Whilst lyrically he may not have distinctively made the jump to the next level, his construction of songs still exerts a slickness and quality that some of the more accomplished rhymers are in need of. Productions on hand are sublime, metaphorically sending listeners on their own cloud far away - and when switching to the cruising vibes, equally compositions are as effective. Whilst the Pilot Talk series still triumphs over his later releases, Weekend At Burnies reassures Jets fans that the N.O free spirit is dopeness personified.(Soul Culture)

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Preview tracks from the album below:

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