5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Cookie Cutter Cornballs Can't Cut It": "A Lot Of The Radio Stuff Is Cookie Cutter Type Of Music"

Tuesday, Jun 28, 2011 5:40PM

Written by SOHH for Sleepwalkas

[With the recent release of Cookie Cutter Cornballs Can't Cut It, Sleepwalkas provide their Top 5 reasons you need this LP in your playlist.]

1. Whole Foods

The first reason you should buy the album is because it's good, organic music. This is the way we try to make music. We try not to force it, so when I say organic music, I mean it happened naturally and were able to make music that felt good for us. It's organic music and that's why people can relate to it. The reason we called it Cookie Cutter Cornballs Can't Cut It is because a lot of the radio stuff is cookie cutter type of music. They're making it to reach a certain person or they try to reach an audience. We make music the way we want which is why it's organic. -K. Gaines

2. Boom Bap Attack

The second reason is because of the lyricism and boom bap beats. There's some dope tracks on here. The true essence of hip-hop is on the album. It's really important as emcees to have lyricism because there's a lot of rappers that's really don't focus too much on the lyricism. But as emcees, when you put a lot of thought and effort into the rhymes and structure, different patterns, you don't really hear the same flow on every record. We switch it up. With the lyricism, there's a lot of thought in what we're trying to say and how we say it so it's different. -DJ M-Tri

3. That Good-Good

It's feel good music. It's going to bring you back to when you first fell in love with this. It's like when you hear a dope lyric and it hits your spine. You get that feeling, and you [get] goose bumps, and you have the head nod, and then you just start following in line with everyone else with a head nod and you have to go up and meet these people when they go on-stage and say, "Thank-you. I really enjoyed that." It's because it made you feel so happy. Some feel-good records on here are "War Chant" with Homeboy Sandman and Final Outlaw and "Wild Nightlife" because it takes you to a realm where everybody goes to with partying and the night scene. -Ciph Diggy

4. Energy Barz

This album gives you good energy and a good moment. Dope beats. I like to think this has the same energy that we put into our live shows. We put so much energy into it and that's what we're really getting known for. We try to [bring] that same feeling [on] the album. The energy is what the people feed off of and we feed off the people, so it's like a give and take. We give our all to the people and hope to get some of that back. -K. Gaines

5. Come One, Come All

I would say it's an entertaining album where you have a little bit of stuff on there for everybody. You have some funny stuff, party stuff. It's a well-rounded album. On here you have the street anthems like "Take That" and "War Chant." Those are hardcore. Then you have some of the party stuff with people going out and feeling good. They're going out to have a good time. Then you have comical stuff on there. There's the wild out, rock records on there plus soulful, disco type tracks. So there's a nice range of topics on the album. -DJ M-Tri

You Decide. Will you purchase Cookie Cutter Cornballs Can't Cut It?

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