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Tuesday, Jun 28, 2011 12:20PM

Written by Jesse Prince

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  • Finally Famous
  • Big Sean
  • June 28, 2011
Hip Hop Dx 4/5
Planet Ill 3/5
Soul Culture 3.5/5
DJ Booth 4/5

The wait is over as G.O.O.D Music artist Big Sean releases his debut studio album today, appropriately titled Finally Famous.

Big Sean's rise to the top has taken many months and in this time, he has managed to get a lot of hip-hop heads listening.

Big Sean has been using the slogan "finally famous" for years, but now it's more of a reality than ever. After a slow burn of a career that began when he signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music in 2007, the Detroit native has garnered a nationwide fan base boosted by ubiquitous online videos, hectic touring and an appearance on the BET Hip Hop Awards. If his official debut is any indication, Sean won't be letting his fame go to waste. (HipHopDX)

For his maiden LP, Sean enlisted famous beatsmiths from his own camp to handle the majority of the tracks.

With guidance from executive producers Kanye West and No I.D. (who handles production for 8 tracks on Finally Famous) and producers like Kevin Randolph, Key Wayne, Boi-1da, Xaphoon Jones, and Da Internz laying the groundwork for Sean to tell his story, the album exceeds what is typically expected of a rapper's debut. For instance, there are a number of features from artists like Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Chiddy Bang, Chris Brown, Pusha T, and more. Because of this, Finally Famous has shaped up to be one of the summer's hottest albums, and it was well worth the wait. (AllHipHop)

Sean also snagged a few big features to help ensure that his fame lasts.

I honestly could go on and on about this album and break down why pretty much every song on Finally Famous is worth listening to, but that is why you should cop it for yourself. Whether it's "High," a smokers anthem with super stoner Wiz Khalifa, "My Last," the bubble gum radio smash with a Chris Brown chorus, or "Don't Wait For Me," a conscious cut featuring Lupe Fiasco, Finally Famous has something for everyone, just pick your poison. Big ups to Big Sean, you are now finally famous.(iHipHop)

For Big Sean, it has been no easy walk to fame, as he recently expressed in an interview.

One big reason people should go out and buy it is because it embodies the story of my life which entails a lot of the same issues young people go through. From having a dream to getting on to fall in and out of love. Majestic love. And really everything in between. This album embodies that. Characteristics of what people go through in life. This theme developed as I started to work on the album and you really get your whole life's work on your first album. It just developed as I went. If I were to keep working on it, it would have kept developing. (5 Reasons You Should Buy...)

While Finally Famous draws much critical acclaim, some reviewers feel that Big Sean's celebrity status may be a bit premature.

Big Sean may finally be famous, but he is meeting fame with a mediocre album in his hand. There are a few great tracks here. There is also middling lyricism and a good deal of borrowing from others. Considering the deluxe version is 16 songs long, this LP could have been edited for filler and bad ideas and turned into a leaner version. The buzz hasn't been silenced and the sunshine is still peeking through, but Finally Famous is far from the killer bee [we] all thought it would be. (Planet Ill)

Big Sean isn't a good enough rapper to carry an entire album by himself, and he proves that with this album. His lyrics are mediocre, and sometimes groan-inducing (expect to hear lines with lyrics like, "Put her hands down my pants now she's rockin' Sean John" throughout the album). No I.D.'s beats don't even come close to being the best he's ever produced, though when he doesn't produce a song and puts it in the hands of people like Pop Wansel or Da Internz, you start to miss him. Big Sean may be an artist on G.O.O.D. Music, but this album is B.A.D. (Sputnik Music)

To purchase Finally Famous, just click here.

Preview tracks from the album below:

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