5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Before I Awoke": "A Lot Of Motherf*ckers Have Been Sleeping On Me"

Tuesday, Jun 21, 2011 1:15PM

Written by SOHH for Co$$

[With today's release of Before I Awoke, West Coast rapper Co$$ dishes out his Top 5 reasons fans should pick up the long-awaited debut album.]

1. West Coast Ridin'

First off, just check out the originality on the project. I don't think there's an artist in the game that sounds like me or approaches music-making the way I do. I know probably every artist who does Buy My Record says this but my sh*t is genuinely original. It's really an organic type of flavor. That's my number one reason right there. Just based off the authenticity of the album. You're being introduced to something that you've never heard before. I call this album futuristic West Coast. I'm really proud of where it is sonically. It's all home production. I got contributions from all of my people that have made classics like Exile and Naledge.

2. The People's Champ

The second reason is because I really, really want to bring the music to the people. I'm really excited about this and for me to actually bring this to the people, I need them to seek it out. I really feel like it's an incredible project and something new for the West Coast. I know this is going to sound contradictory but it's something old too. It also has that nostalgia to it. You're gonna feel that G-Funk. I really feel like I put in where the sound needs to be and also where it has been. I have always respected the G-Funk era and also that E-40, late 1990's sound. All of that had a big influence on this project. But then, I'm also a big J Dilla, soul fan. So all of that is combined on this project. Not trying to sound like a really humble dude but I feel like a lot of motherf*ckers have been sleeping on Co$$. I feel like I get slept on. That's the whole concept of the record.

3. Emo's Back

I know this is going to sound really subjective and stereotypical but the third reason is because I'm a real motherf*cker. This is not some exaggerated thing. I feel like there's a lot of artists going emo or putting too much emotional sh*t into the music. Some artists feels like it's a negative but I feel like it's a plus. Identifying with artists is what really made rappers like 2Pac and Biggie and Black Thought. So I'm a real n*gga but not on some generic type stuff like I bust my guns. I'm a genuine person and I really feel like I go through the same stuff everyone else does.

4. Hip-Hop Is Alive

Support hip-hop. Hip-hop needs it. For every project that drops, support dope sh*t. The industry is not thriving like it once was. Cats aren't eating as much as they may make it seem like. So I feel like just for the culture in general, buying a project is big. Especially since I drop a lot of sh*t for free too. There's a lot of artists that do put out music for free that don't really sweat the dough for it, so I feel when we do go and get the distribution and label backing, we would hope the true hip-hop fan will go and buy it. Not just so we can pay the bills but so that the culture can thrive. Hip-hop ain't gonna be around if people don't buy the records. That scares me as an artist. This should have been my first reason.

5. Ill Struggle

This is going to sound generic as f*ck but it's because this sh*t is ridiculously ill. I'm not trying to pat myself on the back. It's genuinely dope. This is something I worked on for three years, not something that I put together in two months. I was signed in 2008 and this shows you how obsessively focused I am. This is really my pride and joy. I really put my heart and my emotion on here. I put my religious views, relationships with women, experiences in the streets, it's really my life on record. This is me. You're literally getting a piece of me. The sh*t is sick. I'm not one of these artists that'll say the sh*t's hot and then you go and pick it up and don't like.

You Decide. Will you purchase Before I Awoke?

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Check out Before I Awoke below:

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