5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Too Cool To Care": "I Feel Like A Lot Of Rappers In The Game Right Now I'm Better Than"

Monday, May 16, 2011 4:15PM

Written by SOHH for New Boyz

[With tomorrow's release of New Boyz's Too Cool to Care, the duo offer up their Top 5 reasons you should dig in your pockets and purchase their long-awaited sophomore effort.]

1. Boys II Men 

When we dropped our first album, we were 16 years old and this is three years later and we definitely grew as artists. We matured as people and as artists. It was a three-year time gap and we had plenty of time to improve ourselves. One huge difference was on the first album, I did most of the production, well, about half of the production but on this album I didn't do any of it. [Transportation Security Administration] stole my laptop with all of my beats on it. But it's cool though because we got to work with a lot of other producers. So the production itself is just way better. We had a chance to make a lot better songs. -Legacy

2. Dead Or Alive

There's really no dead or dull moments on the album. It's just hype track after hype track after hype track. It's really different music when you compare this to our first album. The first album, the whole time, we were just rapping about our clothes and all that stuff. But it was cool. I feel like this one is that times two. -Legacy

3. Here Comes The Hot Steppa

I personally feel like I stepped it up. People are going to be like, "Wow, that's somebody from the New Boyz rapping like that?" I personally feel like I stepped it up a lot. Even today, I'm still getting better. It's the lyricism and just the creative artist side of everything. I did some singing type of stuff here and there and then when it wasn't a singing type of record, I made sure to just snap on each verse. I just made sure I went in. When people are hearing New Boyz, the first thing they think about are skinny jeans and jerking. The last thing they're thinking is, "All right, these n*ggas got bars." I personally feel like a lot of rappers in the game right now, I'm better than. I'm not even trying to be arrogant or cocky. I know I can back that up. -Legacy

4. Look At Us Now

We really did mature as artists on this one. We traveled a lot, we got a lot more places to see, so we had a lot more topics to talk about. You're going to hear us speaking on a lot of different things. We got a lot more bigger artists like Chris Brown, Big Sean, Tyga, Shanell from Young Money. We're just killing them with the features and the producers are bigger too. With the first album, we used our local producers. -Ben J

5. Girls, Girls, Girls

My next reason is because of the girls we weren't digging to on the first project. With the songs like "Jerk" we were just young and being real. We felt like we wanted to see the world and more girls out there. But on this album, we're catering more to them and really pumping them up. There's a lot of inspirational tracks for the females. We were really nice on this project. We got one song called "Better With The Lights Off" and they think the title is mean. If the girls listen to the lyrics more than the hook, you would hear how you're beautiful the whole day while we're with you but when we finally get to that room and the light dies down, you just start glowing a lot more. Girls are comfortable in the dark. They start feeling themselves and getting more comfortable. I like the lights on or off, it is what it is. I like the ladies to feel comfortable and so with the lights off, they feel better. -Ben J

You Decide. Will you purchase Too Cool To Care?

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