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Friday, May 27, 2011 11:25AM

Written by J. Bachelor

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  • The Hangover: Part II
  • Bradley Cooper,Zach Galifianakis
  • May 26, 2011
Dallas Morning News B+
The Detroit News C-
The Globe And Mail 2/4
Cole Smithey 3/5
Hollywood Chicago 3/5

The fumbling foursome has returned for another boys' night out as The Hangover: Part II stumbles its way into theaters this week.

Rehashing the formula which made the original a box office hit two years prior, The Hangover: Part II once again focuses on a group of friends, who, after a night of intense boozing, must piece together clues in order to find their missing mate.

After creating havoc in Las Vegas two years ago, the "Hangover" boys go international, doing the same for Bangkok in "The Hangover Part II." This wildly raucous romp ramps up the amps of the first film with gags that are even more outrageous. It's a bawdy, naughty adventure epic that has absolutely no redeeming values, but which is bound to leave most of the audience rolling in the aisles.(The Providence Journal)

Actor Bradley Cooper, who plays Phil, said talks of a sequel were in the works long before the original became a fan favorite.

"Warner Brothers wanted to make a sequel before the first film came out. So it was planted in our mind before the first film was even released. It's been with us a long time, and we were hoping it would do well so they would follow through with that. But their interest started when they saw what was happening. Of course we couldn't anticipate it becoming what it was, but one thing I will say that we'd sit there in Caesar's Palace eating dinner after shooting and say "hey, this is pretty good, and this is kind of different."(Collider)

The film picks up where the original left off, then finds the gang flying halfway around the world to Thailand.

"The Hangover Part II" starts right after the Las Vegas bachelor party from the first film. This time around, Phil, Stu, Alan and Doug whisk themselves off to Thailand for Stu's wedding. Stu jokes about wanting to have his bachelor party at IHOP, but Stu's friends refuse to let him get off that easy.(Hollywood Chicago)

Zach Galifianakis, who stars as the dim-witted but well meaning Alan, said the cast had to stick to the script as much as possible during shooting.

We all have that temptation to go off script sometimes here and there. But this script for the sequel was pretty tight, we didn't go off script as much as with the first film. You do every so often though, you throw out a fresh line here and there to keep it fresh, whether it ends up in the movie or not is not really the point, you're not trying to hog the scene or anything. It's just...for example to try and make Bradley laugh on his coverage, when the camera's off me or whoever, mix it up.(Flicks and Bits)

While critics agree that Hangover 2 will undoubtedly entertain fans of the original, some feel it is not as much of a sequel as much as it is a movie version of partaking in "the hair of the dog".

In case it's not obvious, the R-rated Hangover Part II is not suitable for children (a fact ignored by a couple of morally challenged parents at the promotional screening I attended). It's raunchy, violent, offensive to every conceivable interest group, and liberally laced with profanity a-nd male nudity. The whole point of this franchise is to make even jaded adults laugh in shock at the outrageous behavior on display. This strategy works best in the final credit sequence, which, in another shameless lift from the original, reveals in a series of rediscovered snapshots what happened on that one wild night in Bangkok. That minute and a half of still photos packs in more dense, economical laughs than all the laborious gross-outs and chase sequences that came before. Maybe The Hangover Part III should consider restricting itself to the slide-show format.(Slate)
The Hangover Part II is only worth your money if you loved the first film and you're willing to fall in love again with the same formula. Or you can just watch "The Hangover" again and call it mostly the same day. (Hollywood Chicago)

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