5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "The Reallionaire": "I Just Had The Album Release Party & 50 Cent Came Through"

Tuesday, May 3, 2011 2:55PM

Written by SOHH for Kidd Kidd

[With today's release of The Reallionaire, New Orleans' Kidd Kidd gives you his Top 5 reasons to ante up and cop his debut album.]

1. Hold Me Down

The first reason you should go out and buy the album is for the support. If y'all like real music, good music, then you gotta support that. When you're buying my album, you're definitely supporting New Orleans. Because not many of us got artists that make it like No Limit, Cash Money and now I'm up next. Support my city. We went through a lot, considering the Katrina incident. Everybody left the city but I'm still here. Everybody ran out of the city and I'm still here. So I'm dealing with everything day to day. Everyday I wake up and see something crazy. Support the city because I am the city. I am New Orleans. Support me and support the city.

2. Family Ties

I got a family to feed. We all got families to feed. Holler at your boy. When I say family, I mean everybody in general. That goes for the kids, mom, people in jail, people I'm trying to get out of these streets. Family is a deep word. So when I say that, I really just mean me and my folks because I'm tired of seeing this struggle. I'm tired of seeing my people killed and going to jail. I wake up to this everyday. Shout-out to my partner Tyson who just came home [from jail] yesterday. I just had the album release party the other night and 50 Cent came through. Love was love. You gotta remember, my boy was locked down for years, comes home and sees me doing my thing and we're at my album release party. He's like, "That's 50 Cent! What's he doing in the hood?" Just to see that look on his face, that inspires me. I really gotta get my people out of the struggle.

3. Look At Me Now

The third reason is because I've been in the game a long time. This is like my first album I've ever dropped. It's the first time I've dropped a real album and I need everybody's support. If you're a Kidd Kidd fan and you know the slang, you're gonna love this album. Having my first album out in stores feels so wonderful.and it's going to show just how much support I really have from the people. All these years I've been hearing, 'When are you going to drop your album?' I've been doing the mixtape thing for a long time and [they're] free. It finally got up to a point where people were saying, "I'm tired of getting this for free. I want to buy something from you. You're giving away too much good music away. I want something I can buy and frame." That's what really inspired me.

4. Original Rap

Ain't nobody messing with me. I feel like the game is all the way changed now. I'm taking it back to that essence. I'm bringing it back to when music had a meaning. Everybody is fabricating their raps. Everything I hear is, 'Nah, everybody rich.' Well d*mn, ain't nobody struggling no more? Where's the struggle at? We weren't born rich. I want to take it back to that. I want to bring it back to that street essence.

5. What More Can I Say?

The final reason is because ItsTheKidd.com. What else do you need to know?

You Decide. Will you purchase The Reallionaire?

To buy the new album, just click here.

Check out The Reallionaire below:

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