5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Odd Seasons": "If You Want That Old Sound But Want It To Feel New, This Is One Of Those Records"

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 4:30PM

Written by SOHH for Oddisee

[With this week's release of Odd Seasons, producer Oddisee gives you his Top 5 reasons to dig in your pockets and hit your local record stores.]

1. Collector's Item

My first reason to buy the album is because it's always good to collect all four versions of my Seasons albums. I like to release records that have themes to them so that you can purchase one or get one and won't feel complete unless you have all of them. So with this release, you can hear all four Seasons. That's definitely the main reason to purchase it.

2. Instrumental Raps

The second reason is because if you're a fan of instrumental hip-hop, in general, this is definitely a record that has a theme attached to every single record as the changing of the seasons. So you can pop this on depending on any kind of mood you're in. So if it's summer outside and you're thinking about something in the winter, you can just pop it on and get those memories.

3. Indie Takeover

If you're a fan of new modern indie hip-hop, you're going to want to pick up this album. This is a good, quality project. I say modern indie [because] there's this stigma that's attached to artists like myself that I'm doing only old school music. But in fact, what we're doing is making music today using those same instruments from the old school. If you'e a jazz musician from the 60's or now, you're not making the same songs but you're still using the same instruments. I think there's kind of a misconception when we get called old school or retro or what have you. So there's tons of new music out there that's gritty and raw that's still using those same instruments. If you want that old sound but want it to feel new, this is one of those records.

4. Mello Out

If you're a Mello Music fan, this is a record you want to have in your collection. MMG is doing so much for hip-hop right now. Our fans are proving time and time again that you can sell records and work for yourself. The fans love what they're hearing. Myself and [MMG producer] Apollo Brown can tell you the output of music has just increased. We put out so much more music just based off the enthusiasm. It pushes us to want to put out quality and quantity. That's important.

5. Wax On, Wax Off

Finally, the last reason is because if you're a big vinyl record, this is something you would want to get. The vinyl is real beautiful. I also think we pressed up a few special editions of this album so everyone will have to check out Mello Music to see about that. If you're a vinyl record head, you need to mess with this.

You Decide. Will you purchase Odd Seasons?

To buy the new LP, just click here.

Check out a preview of the album below:

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