News: Nelly Comes Forward To Crunch Steroid Rumors

Sunday, May 29, 2011 10:49AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grammy-winning rapper Nelly has come forward to address a former associate calling him out on a number of accusations including his alleged usage of body enhancing supplements.

Writing on Twitter, Nelly struck back at rumors and cleared his name.

"1st if u Believe slim was my manager then this is pointless anyway!"I MADE SLIM"!but this is the thanx I get 4given some1 from crib a shot!," he tweeted May 28th.
"2nd don't nothing go in this body but fish,chicken,turkey,protein,ROZAY,ciroc remy and Budweiser!!and MIKEnIKES,LONDONandSONS!!"
"3rd Ino some hoping that 4closure statement is tru but I'm sorry"EPIC FAIL""!anytime any1 n STL wanna match deeds or pinkslips HOLLA!#FACTS" (Nelly's Twitter)

A few years ago, Nelly also denied speculation he was one of many celebrities on steroids.

In 2008 a high profile drug dealer gave cops a list of celebs who he claimed were using illegal body building drugs and Nelly was one of them. "The only people who say that is people who don't work out. Anyone who goes to the gym knows what Nelly is doing is nothing," Nelly said at the time. (RadarOnline)

Last fall, Nelly's 5.0 solo album landed on the sales chart its opening week.

Grammy-winning rapper Nelly's 5.0 also debuted on the chart this week landing at No. 10. With a week under his belt, Nelly's follow-up to 2008's Brass Knuckles has pushed out 63,600 units. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Following his opening-week sales, the rapper resorted to Twitter and aired out his frustrations.

"A record deal is a 50/50 partnership!As a artist its your job to provide the record company with music that they(record company)can sell! Thing about the partnership is that n the public eye the responsibility is not 50/50!the artist is always the 1who catches 90% of the blame." (Nelly's Twitter)

Check out a recent Nelly interview below:

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