News: Nas Calls Up The Chef, "I Can't See Why He Won't Be On My Next Album" [Video]

Wednesday, May 4, 2011 11:20AM

Written by Rosario Harper

Grammy-nominated rapper Nas recently provided fans with an update on his follow-up to 2008's Untitled album and why hip-hop heads can look forward to a possible Raekwon collaboration making the final tracklist.

Admitting he is still in its early stages, Nas said the LP is currently two songs deep in the making.

"It's about to be solo time," Nas told Tim Westwood when asked about his next album. "Solo time, it's gonna be crazy. I heard something that [Damian Marley's] working on, he's gonna kill them. I'm excited to get him. I got two [songs]. I'm just starting. I did the writing but it's like, I've been so busy going all over the place. It's like, hard, so when we get back after we're done in Europe, we good for a while. But our thing continues. So when I drop the solo, [Damian] drops the solo, we still got tour offers. Non-stop and it's hard to stop the tour...I'm dying and D, I know you're dying to do the solo stuff too...Shout-out to Raekwon. I seen him last night. We're talking about dong some stuff. I can't see why he won't be on my next album." (Tim Westwood TV)

Last fall, Nas said his current priority is working on the new solo LP.

"I record a lot of sh*t. I have recorded a lot of sh*t over the years, and the sh*t that I ain't put out on albums should be on the Lost Tapes," Nas said in an interview. "Because my album, my studio album, my new album is a priority for the label and of course me. To find the time to put out Lost Tapes and then my record, my real record, is what we're up against. It's all this material and trying to get it out...I got no release dates right now. Nothing to tell people about, just inner workings hopefully to get the sh*t out right and get it out soon -- I'm in the studio, taking it step by step. It's not ready yet. I'm taking it step by step because it's so important for me and myself. I'm in a huge fight with me, so it's important that I get this one right. I don't want to leave no stone unturned on anything I say on this sh*t." (The Boom Box)

Last year, "Love the Way You Lie" producer Alex Da Kid told SOHH about befriending Nas and possibly contributing to the LP.

"I'm working on Nas' album," Alex revealed to SOHH in summer 2010. "I kinda know his manager, through my publisher, actually Jessica Rivera at Universal. She publishes Nas and when 'Airplanes' came out, he was like a big fan of 'Airplanes,' like, he loved thatsong and when it came out he was like, 'Yo let's get it, let's roll.' But our schedules just haven't matched up yet. I think I'm going to get with him in three weeks in New York, at some point, so yeah, I'm excited for that." (SOHH)

Nas' Untitled album has reportedly reached gold status after debuting at No. 1 in July 2008.

The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 album charts selling 187,078 copies in the first week of release. By April 25, 2009, the album had sold 549,898 copies in the United States,[citation needed] and it has been certified gold in sales by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The album also did moderately well in other countries, charting in Ireland, Canada, and the United Kingdom. (Wikipedia)

Check out Nas' interview down below:

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