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Tuesday, May 24, 2011 3:20PM

Written by J. Bachelor

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  • Maybach Music Presents Self Made Vol 1
  • Maybach Music Group
  • May 24, 2011
Soul Culture 3.5/5
Planet Ill 4/5
Hip Hop DX 3/5
Day And A Dream 7.5/10
Blunt Reviews 4/5

The Boss is back and has brought along a few good men, as Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group presents their compilation release, Self Made Vol. 1, today.

D.C. rapper Wale, Georgia native Pill and Philadelphia artist Meek Mill accompany Ross throughout the disc,which has been compared to posse albums made popular over a decade ago.

While mostly relics of the 90s (back when anything could sell with a No Limit tank on the cover), posse albums are still something of a tradition among rappers hot enough to justify releasing major label "mixtapes". Rick Ross proves that he does in fact have that heat with Self Made Vol. 1. Unfortunately, the rest of the group upholds another tradition by struggling to get out from under their leader's large shadow.(Hip Hop DX)

The Self Made clan often find themselves rapping alongside those outside the family, as guest artists J. Cole, Drake, and Jadakiss are thrown in the mix.

The prime three (Ross, Wale, Meek) appear on a number of songs including "Pandemonium","Play Your Part" (Featuring D.A. from Chester French) and "Fitted Cap" (featuring J.Cole). D.A. does his best Bobby Brown impression as the trio rhyme of women who think they are getting over on them because they trick a little, not realizing that they are part of the uniform for a player. "Pandemonium" is a rousing, downhill rhyme fest of ashy to classy in the world of organized crime. Cole adds extra cheese to the crew's fresh recounting Rolls Royces along with foamposites, Lebrons the latest (retro) Jordans and other objects of hood envy. Meek Mill steals the show on this one.(Planet Ill)

Production for the album was extensive, as Rozay called in favors from many of today's most popular beat smiths.

Rick Ross, Wale, Pill and Meek Mill are suited up on the cover of their compilation album Self made Vol.1 which will be in stores may 24th. Producers: Just Blaze, Mill Will / Eardrummers, Young Shun, Cardiak, Lil Lody, Beat Billionaire, Lex Luger, DJ Toomp, Joe Lindsday, Jahil Beats, The Inkredibles, Kontrakt Hitz, Bit Billionaire and Tone P.(Musica Hip Hop)

The Telfon Don recently spoke about signing rhyme-spitters Wale and Meek Mill, who was featured on the popular single, "Tupac's Back".

"[Signing Wale and Meek Mill], it just solidifies we're one of the fastest-growing labels in hip-hop...I mean, it is what it is," Ross said in response to the bidding war for his Maybach Music Group. "Right now we're on fire. We making, and it's not just a temporary thing, but we're making the best music, man. And we make all ranges of music. I think the industry's just understanding that. So it's not just about Rick Ross and Maybach Music, it's our brand, it's our movement, it's the type of sound that we done brought to the game -- We getting paper, what else can I say?" (The Source)

Critics felt that although the LP symbolizes another win for hip-hop heavyweight Rick Ross, the lyrics from Maybach's lesser known artists ride shotgun to the beats and the Don's larger than life persona.

Self Made is one of the best rap label/group albums released in a while. Everyone in the group seems to be on board with the movement to the fullest (even if they don't have their Maybachs yet). Let's just hope MMG serves us with a mixtape in the near future, but this right here is definitely the main course. BAWSE! (Blunt Reviews)
The production alone makes Self Made Vol. 1 a worthy purchase, but it is decidedly style over substance. Rick Ross and company can hardly be lambasted at this point for their flossy and romanticized portrait of the dope game. That's what Ross is known for, and that's what his fans want from him. Yet, the combo of hackneyed subject matter and synthesized production makes the proceedings feel rather soulless. Though well executed, the album likely won't connect with listeners who are looking for something a bit more substantial, but it can't be argued that Ross and company didn't deliver what was promised. (Introspection Section)

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Preview tracks from Self Made below:

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