Guest Star: "Latinos Are Here & We're Making Our Mark"

Thursday, May 19, 2011 1:55PM

Written by SOHH for Somaya Reece

[With the new big screen release of hip-hop dance drama Go For It!, featured actress Somaya Reece reflects on her involvement on the film and how it mirrors her own similarities to her own struggles as an aspiring artist.]

I wish people [knew] how me and [director] Carmen Marron met. She personally handpicked me [to star in the film] because of my story. The way she came to me and told me, the way this film was and the fact that she was so passionate about it, I couldn't expect anything less than how great it is.

It's a great film and it's exactly what she said it was going to be and better. I think it's so fabulous that it's such a positive thing and it shows the real life struggles. I feel like this story was really so close to my life, being somebody that always wanted to work in hip-hop and [was] constantly told "No. No. No," even [by] my own family members. You know you always have that one family member, especially in Latin households, like, "You better go to school or have some babies."

There are so many great moments in the film that I really can't pick just one. To be honest, a lot of the things were going against [protagonist] Amy in the film. It's just so hard to choose one in particular. A lot of that pressure against her with the family fighting, the brother and everything else really just hit home to me. It was like I saw my life right there on the screen.

I hope people will notice that Latinos are here and we're making our mark in other projects. I really hope people will like the story because it's very relatable to people and I really want people to never give up on your dreams. That's why I'm here. Never give up on your dreams because not everyone is going to like you, not everyone is going to like what you do. The greatest people that are out there now as performers [were] frowned upon. So you have to believe in yourself and forget about the haters.

Somaya Reece is a rapper, radio personality and actress who has origins from the West Coast. In addition to making music, she has taken her talent to the big screen as seen in the new Go For It! film and to the silver screen as one of the main cast members of VH1 reality series "Love & Hip-Hop." While known as a West Coast artist, Reece moved to the New York City region in the late 2000's to continue her career in the music industry.

Check out the Go For It! trailer below:

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