Exclusive: "I Would Love To See Puffy & Jay-Z Doing The 'Baller Roll' Dance"

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 12:25PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

With yesterday's release of his Bay Area Boss album, California rapper Kafani gives SOHH the reasons why his new "Baller Roll" single will be the latest record to have people doing its accompanying, signature dance.

While promising to fully unveil the dance upon the forthcoming "Baller Roll" music video release, Kafani hinted at what to expect.

"When we're in the studio, we've always had this little 'baller roll' thing we do," Kafani told SOHH. "It's like, you put your money in the air, with your hands rolling over your shoulders. I was in the studio playing around with the idea and I'm really not a dance-type dude to be honest with you. So it's something real simple. It's something that somebody that can't dance can do. I wasn't really trying to start up a whole little dance thing. It's just something I was playing with in the studio and it actually came out really hot. I let a lot of people hear it and they were like, 'Yeah man, put that out.' So we put the song out and in the video that's coming out, we're showcasing how to do the dance. It's not like I'm promoting this whole little dance thing or whatever, but there's a dance with the 'Baller Roll' and it's easy to do. It's the official 'Baller Roll' dance. So when you see the video out, you'll see what it is." (SOHH)

Kafani also told SOHH what three celebrities he would love to see emulating the "Baller Roll" dance including Bad Boy Records CEO Diddy.

"I would love to see Puffy and Jay-Z doing the 'Baller Roll' dance because they're trendsetters," Kafani added. "A lot of stuff they do end up popping. And then for the chicks, I would want somebody like Kim Kardashian doing the 'Baller Roll' dance. You gotta have a lot of swag." (SOHH)

Earlier this year, SOHH talked to Cali Swag District's Yung about what "Teach Me How To Dougie" dance steps should be avoided while in the club.

"To us, there's really not a wrong way to do the 'Dougie,' just as long at you're having fun while you're doing it," Yung told SOHH. "But what we hate to see is when people clap their hands. What they do is start clapping their hands and then start doing the 'Jerk' with it. See, doing the 'Dougie' and doing the 'Jerk' is two different things. So when they start to 'Dougie' and then clap their hands as they start to 'Jerk,' that throws it off a little bit. I'd say that'd be one no-no." (SOHH)

When giving SOHH his Top 5 Reasons to purchase Bay Area Boss, Kafani highlighted the impact of what his "Baller Roll" single will have on listeners.

"To all my dudes and bosses out there, I have songs like "Baller Roll" for y'all. That's another big record on the album. I even have a dance to go with it and the video [for the single] will be out soon. We're pushing this project, but this is the second single we're working. So if you're a real boss and you do real boss things, this is something you need to have in your ride. Think about when you go and get your chick, she's gonna want to have something to rock to so you need to have this album. She's gonna see [that] you're a boss and say, "Oh, you got Kafani in your deck. OK. You're a real boss. You're really about what you're talking about." (5 Reasons Why You Should Buy)

Take a listen to "Baller Roll" below:

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