Guest Star: "We Started Coming Up W/ Thoughts To Start This Underground Revolt"

Wednesday, Apr 20, 2011 12:40PM

Written by SOHH for Curren$y

[With today's release of Covert Coupe, Curren$y explains the chemistry he and producer The Alchemist shared while creating the project.]

Honestly, we came up with this project in a matter of five minutes. It's like when you go to camp and you just link up with some dudes and they end up being your f*cking family. Even though you just met them, you develop that close relationship.

Me and Alchemist just jammed like that. There was no way that we could take the conversations we were having about the rap game and "not" turn it into some type of musical contribution. We were just talking about the state of the game and before we even started up any music, we were just smoking and talking about different sh*t.

Just from that one conversation alone, we started coming up with thoughts to start this underground revolt. That's pretty much the only reason why I went major [signing to Warner Bros. Records]. I had to make sure to get onto the same level of the sh*t that we don't like in order to get that sh*t out of the way and make the music how we want it to be.

So in order for me to make the music like it used to be and how it should sound, I knew I had to get up on the same [mainstream] level. So that's why this project is called Covert Coupe because it's like an underground, unseen overtone of how this sh*t is. And now with 4/20, the statue heads and monuments are coming down. The revolt's begun. You know what it is.

To download the new mixtape, just click here.

Making a name for himself in the New Orleans, Louisiana area, Curren$y has spent time on a few major record labels including Master P's No Limit and Lil Wayne/Birdman's Cash Money imprint. Having released a slew of underground mixtapes, Curren$y is now currently signed to Warner Bros. Records and has been putting out his Pilot Talk series alongside Ski Beatz for retail release.

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