Guest Star: "To Be Honest, I Really Don't Feel Like I've 'Made It' Yet"

Monday, Apr 18, 2011 3:45PM

Written by SOHH for Fred the Godson

[After recently gracing the cover of XXL's Freshmen '11 issue, Fred The Godson reflects on why he still has a long road to travel to reach success.]

To be honest, I really don't feel like I've "made it" yet. The closest to making it is seeing my face on that XXL Magazine cover. That's the biggest accomplishment that I've had yet. That's a magazine that goes all around the country. That right there is like the All-Star Game of 2011.

There's a million of us rapping and a million of us putting in work and you get rewarded. That right there was a reminder that my hard work is paying off. I look at everybody but I just zoom in on myself and I'm like, "D*mn." There's a million people out there that want to be in [my] position and so it showed me that I'm doing my thing and doing something right. To be on the cover of XXL, that's huge.

It's just been so overwhelming with people saying, "Fred is the one. Fred is the one." I've been hearing it from the people that's already on [in the entertainment industry] all the way to people on the underground. And I've been hearing it from everyone that's a fan of hip-hop [as well], so I always interpret pressure as a blessing.

I always interpret pressure as a blessing because, you could be anywhere trying to have your bars and rhymes heard. Everybody wants to have this opportunity so it's like you're working so hard to get to this point. I don't feel like it's pressure. People count on me to do this and count on me to do that, it's just like [NBA team Chicago Bulls]. There's one second left on the clock and you know they're gonna pass the ball to [Michael] Jordan.

In addition to XXL Magazine fame, Fred The Godson continues to make a name for himself stemming from the Bronx, New York with a strong underground following. Since the mid-2000's, Fred has worked on building his profile with help from music executive Shawn Prez and Jer-z. He has already become publicly praised by artists ranging from the West Coast's 40 Glocc to hitmaker Swizz Beatz. Along with co-signs, Fred has graced tracks with Diddy and Jadakiss.

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