News: Swizz Beatz Names His Top 5 Fav Ad-Libbers, "He Got The Nerve To Start Barking At People" [Video]

Thursday, Apr 14, 2011 8:35AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Known for his catchy ad-libs on records, hitmaker Swizz Beatz has named his Top 5 favorite hip-hop ad-libbers ranging from Diddy to The LOX's Jadakiss.

While not initially on his Top 5, Swizz said DMX's ad-libs also deserved some attention.

"Diddy, that's where I got my inspiration for ad-libs, from Diddy," Swizzy revealed in an interview. "He was a big inspiration in that. I would say Fatman Scoop, for sure. He's good on his call out game. He's been doing his thing. I would say Lil Jon. You know, he stamped the ad-lib to it. He crossed over to the rock world and stuff, I respect that. Busta [Rhymes]. His ad-lib game is crazy. He been doing all types of other stuff with his ad-libs, making it sound futuristic and all that...And I would say Jadakiss. Jadakiss got the laugh and [DMX], he got the nerve to start barking at people, growling on people. It worked." (The Source)

In addition to ad-libbers, Beatz recently named his Top 5 favorite rappers and hip-hop newcomers.

Swizz Beatz may be holed up in the studio recording his album Haute Living, but he's still got his ears open to what's going on in hip-hop. The hitmaker, who just dropped his Eve-assisted single "Everyday (Coolin')," recently revealed to DJ Absolut his five favorite rappers and rookies in the game right now, giving props to some familiar faces and letting some newbies shine, including one MC who popped up twice. Find out who made Swizzy's Haute lists. Top 5 Rappers Rick Ross Kanye West Drake Wiz Khalifa Jadakiss Top 5 Rookies Sean Cross J. Cole Wiz Khalifa Nipsey Hussle Fred Da Godson (Rap-Up)

Beatz recently talked about being chosen to remix his hometown New York Knicks' basketball team anthem.

"As far as music-wise, my job is to make sure I make an anthem that takes the game level from point A to point B, keep the crowd hype," Swizz told MTV News alongside the towering Stoudemire. "Just doing what I do. Just like what the players gonna do, what they gonna do on the court. It's just a joint effort to raise the bar for New York, let everyone know it's a problem this year." (MTV)

As of late, Beatz has been steadily putting together his upcoming Haute Living solo album.

"I'm working on my album which is super incredible," he tells OK! in a summer 2010 interview. "Got everybody on there from Jay-Z to John Legend to Mary [J. Blige] to Drake. Super amazing album. I'm also working on Lenny Kravitz new album, working with Cold Play. When you're in album mode and you're in producing mode, working with any great artist you have fun and try to create the best music you can create. On one song [Alicia] just played keys on. I don't know, cause I don't know which one I'm going to use. I have a few songs. I'm probably going to drop my single with Mary before the summer is over. I'm shooting for that and I'm looking for fall to be Swizz Beatz mania." (OK! Magazine)

Check out Swizz Beatz' interview below:

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