Guest Star: "Something Very Serious Happened To Me That Made Me Stop What I Was Doing"

Friday, Apr 29, 2011 4:35PM

Written by SOHH for Malice

[Set to appear at The Bronx, New York's Books in the Hood store tomorrow, The Clipse's Malice discusses the nationwide promotion of Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind & Naked.]

I've done a few book signings and this is going to be my first one with Book Banditz in the Bronx, New York. Coming to [Books in the Hood] on Saturday (March 30) is going to be dope and the reason I say that is because [my book] is going to reach where I feel it really should be reached at.

I ain't trying to put this book out there and skip from the hood. I'm from The Bronx so I have a lot of family out there, and a lot of friends and cousins that are going to be coming through. So I'm going to go out there and any questions people may have had about it, they can ask me and I'm definitely going to be signing the book, taking pictures and everything. It's going to be a good time.

This whole thing has really been dope. To do three albums and then to write a book, I just feel like it's really not too much different as far as writing style. It's just that now I don't have to worry about finding that second part to rhyme with the first part. I can easily tell my story and I still paint those pictures and can give a vivid idea of what actually took place.

A lot of people think if a rapper writes a book or any celebrity writes something that it's like "Oh, there they go with a book." But it wasn't my plan to write a book. Something very serious happened to me that made me stop what I was doing, and I had to share my story about the list of events that happened exactly how they happened. So I'm not someone who feels I'm so creative that I got stories to tell and people are interested in what I got to say so I have to tell a book. No. This thing really happened to me so I'm just sharing.

Writing is definitely a passion of mine and I must say, this thing has really burdened my heart because it's not easy. My fans know me for being one way so to tell them and share my life experiences, which is not the popular thing to do, that's how you know how important this book is to me. I was going to do it regardless. I had no choice in this matter. It kind of goes against the grain to show you what my life is like and what I went through. Nothing I have done with music has fulfilled me like this book has.

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For those of you who don't know me my name is Gene Thornton AKA Malice, one-half of the Clipse. Through music my life has been an open book and continues to be. Our fans have made all the difference throughout our career and are still the driving force for why I do what I do. I wanna take a minute to express extreme gratitude to you for your support. At this time I'm going to advise you to buckle up as we embark upon another one of the many facets of Clipse.


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