News: Natalie Nunn Tells Fabolous Get Over It, "Why Are You Talking About Me?" [Audio]

Monday, Apr 25, 2011 11:50AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Reality star Natalie Nunn has moved on from blasting ex-friend Wiz Khalifa and has now taken aim at Fabolous, exposing him as a secret male groupie.

Nunn called out Fabolous for keeping her name on his Twitter and mixtapes.

"The funny thing about the male groupies, [they] are the same ones that are rapping about me and talking about me. I don't want to jock them or if we do hook up or do hang out, I'm not trying to fly down and jump on their tour bus," Nunn explained to radio host EI8HT. "I have some of these rappers that are steady male groupies. When they don't get what they want, they start talking sh*t. They put me on their songs, they're hating, but the funny thing is you're acknowledging [me]. Basically everything they're saying, they're acknowledging me. Why are you talking about me? ... At the same time, these male groupies, I don't give a f*ck about them. None of them. I don't give a f*ck about them...I look at my Twitter page, I hadn't looked at it in four or five hours since I left the house, I look down at my Twitter page and everybody's like, 'Yeah Natalie, did you catch Fabolous talking about you on his mixtape?' Why are you talking about me on your mixtape? The last mixtape he dropped, I was on [it]. How many mixtapes are you gonna keep putting Natalie, who is more relevant than I guess whatever you gotta talk about, you gonna keep putting me in all your f*cking sh*t?" ("Street Disciplez Radio")

Nunn also questioned Fab's infatuation with staying afloat on her daily activities.

"The first song he said something about me was, 'We're gonna bring 'Bad Girls' to the club but not Natalie Nunn's chin,'" Nunn added. "It's like, 'OK, thanks for the shout-out n*gga, what?' ... His new latest thing came off of one of my Ustreams where I was clowning on Wiz [Khalifa] like, 'N*gga, ain't nobody worried about your turkey burgers and hot chocolate.' Because Wiz would always be like, 'Let's go get some turkey burgers and hot chocolate.' So I was making fun of him on 'my' Ustream. Which goes to show if Fabolous said turkey burgers and hot chocolate, why you following my Ustream n*gga? You took the time out your day and that was like a 20 minute long motherf*cking [Ustream]. You took 20 minutes out of your motherf*cking day to watch 'my' Ustream then you went in the studio and took who knows who long to rap about me in a song. N*gga, what are you doing with your f*cking life? That's what I want to know." ("Street Disciplez Radio")

In late January, Fab playfully taunted Nunn on his Twitter page.

""Oh word.. #GirlsIsF*ckinFor turkey burgers & hot chocalate??... #GirlsIsF*ckinForsteak, potatoes & asparagus... Oh & a glass of red wine... LOL.," Fab tweeted January 18th.
"I got Swiss Miss at the crib.. & turkey burgers fresh off the Foreman grizz-ill... YADADADADAADADADADADAAMEAN!! LOL"
"If @realwizkhalifa only giving turkey burgers & hot cocoa, im only giving Lunchables & Capri Sun's.. LMAO She thinking Phileppe, im thinking#TurkeyBurgerAndHotChocalate"
"No twitter beef @missnatalienunn, jus some jokes.. i'll take ur chip tooth jokes on the chin... #JustTwitterFun" (Fabolous' Twitter)

Prior to getting at Fab, Nunn launched her disses at Wiz Khalifa's current girlfriend/model Amber Rose.

"With all due respect, I give a b*tch credit when credits deserved -- you a paid h*e be a paid h*e. You want to compare me to these other little b*tches that have no, f*cking honor sh*t like me?! ... When the next b*tch comes up and she's done sh*t that I've done without coat tail riding on me or these b*tches out here who haven't sucked n*ggas d*ck to be put on. I didn't suck no motherf*cking d*ck to get into no motherf*cking USC. Two degress from USC -- I still have two degrees that you can not take from me. Okay, not a degree as a stripper, you feel me?! Not a degree as a stripper, a f*cking degree. One of the best soccer players in the f*cking country, ran on the junior Olympic track team. So with all due respect, I'm not trying to take nothing from the next b*tch but y'all motherf*ckers is gonna stop comparing me to these wack a** wannabe 'Bad Girls.' 'Cause a 'Bad' b*tch got a f*cking degree! So see me when you got a f*cking piece of paper that says something on it!" (Ustream)

Check out Natalie Nunn's interview below:

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