Guest Star: "I Think A Record Label Is Something You Really Don't Need"

Friday, Apr 8, 2011 4:45PM

Written by SOHH for Yung Berg

[With the music industry continuing to evolve and pave way for the indie hustle, Yung Berg speaks his mind on why major record deals are not for everyone.]

I think a lot of people back in the day, when I was coming up, thought getting a record deal was the way to get into the game. But I think right now with the Internet and with people being used to getting music so quickly, I think a record label is something you really don't need.

As far as Lupe Fiasco's [Atlantic Records] situation goes, I feel him 110 percent because he came into the game and had major success but then the climate of the music industry changed and they wanted him to sign a 360 deal. So he was like, "F*ck that. I've already made my mark. I've already did what I did so why should I conform to these industry type ways." And I feel him on that but then again, this sh*t is a business and at the end of the day, that just is what it is.

On my end, I try to stay as independent as possible. That's why I make all my own beats with Ayo The Producer and I write all of my own material. It's about being as self sufficient as possible because when you cut out all of the middlemen, then you're good. Then you don't have to worry about having to go an holler at a Pharrell just to get a beat or need someone to help you make a hot single. Or even having to go holler at a Rico Love or someone like me to get a hit record.

By staying independent, you can tackle all that sh*t yourself and you can let that sh*t go its own way. That's how you end up with more ownership and then you can look like how you're supposed to be. That's how I did it with "Sexy Lady" and that's how I was able to get a production deal to Sony Records.

Yung Berg is a producer/rapper/songwriter from the Chicago area who is widely known for his hit single "Sexy Lady." His run in hip-hop dates back to early days with DMX's Bloodline Records when he was known as "Ice Berg." He dropped his debut album, Look What You Made Me, in 2008 and is currently staying in the studio working on multiple projects. His next album is slated to drop later this year. For now, Yung Berg is keeping fans in-tune with his "Road To Humble Greatness" viral video series giving behind-the-scenes looks at his personal and public life.

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