Guest Star: "I Don't Feel Like Philly Needs To Be Solidified"

Monday, Apr 11, 2011 1:35PM

Written by SOHH for Has-Lo

[With the recent release of his In Case I Don't Make It album, rap newcomer Has-Lo sheds light on the state of his Philadelphia hometown's rap scene.]

I don't feel like Philly needs to be solidified because there's a lot of people who have come before me from Philadelphia, and Philadelphia's known for what its produced over the years. So [my new album In Case I Don't Make It] is just another piece of the puzzle.

Coming up, I was really influenced by people from other regions, but I definitely would say Black Thought has had a big impact on me. Black Thought was somebody that was so nasty that you just wanted to emulate and be like him before you got your own style.

When I was coming up, [The Roots' albums] Illadelph Halflife and Do You Want More, that was always playing while on the commute to where I needed to be. He was definitely somebody that I inspired to be.

I can't separate the fact that I'm from Philadelphia, I can only add on to that. So you have a guy like Meek Mill flowing how he's flowing, you have Chris and Neef [from Young Gunz] and then you have [Beanie] Sigel, all of those guys, you have a lot of people from Philly. And then on the indie side, you have artists like Reed [Dollaz] and a lot of people. We don't really need to solidify Philadelphia.

Has-Lo is a rapper/producer who has been making a steady underground buzz since 2007. He has worked with various artists including iCON, the Mic King, Awar, Zilla Rocca, Curly Castro and Small Professor. He has also released free online mixtapes. A Philadelphia native, Has-Lo recently released his new album, In Case I Don't Make It.

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