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Tuesday, Apr 19, 2011 2:10PM

Written by J. Bachelor

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  • Gunz N Butta
  • Cam'ron & Vado
  • April 19, 2011
Star Pulse 3.5/4
Blunt Review 3/5
Slumz Boxden 3/5

"Killa Season" has returned, as Cam'ron drops his latest effort alongside his 26-year-old protégé and fellow Harlemite, Vado.

Finally in stores, the collaborative effort experienced several setbacks, which delayed its release.

If you're looking for that Jansport rap, it ain't here. Take that shit up the block. Pharoahe Monch just dropped an LP not too long ago and it's dope, but this is just something else entirely. If you've never stood on the couch in the club buggin' out, you may not get into it. If you've never thought about smashing off your probation officer to get out of a piss test, this may be just aiight to you. And that's fine. Basically, Cam and Vado ain't reaching or trying to impress people who aren't already fans. And that's fine. Trying to spread themselves too thin to too many potential listeners and in turn stepping on otherwise quality product is where a lot of rappers fail. There isn't really a whole lot here aside from blunts, birds, and bitches, but Cam and Vado still manage to find new ways to flip the same product. (Front Free)

Much of the album's beats were cooked up by Rhode Island native araabMUZIK.

There's a relentlessness in Cam and Vado's approach from the very first track but the third ingredient that makes tandem work is 21-year old prodigy, araabMUZIK, who produces a bulk of the albums tracks. The Providence R.I. beat maker is largely known for blacking out on the MPC but he's been lacing Cam with his hyperactive production since Crime Pays and has basically laid the sonic foundation Cam's recent resurgence is built on. The instrumentals behind dark songs like "Killa" (which could easily pass for the theme to the next Friday The 13th installment) and the Disco inspired "Lights, Cameras, Action" show Araab's increasing range but it's his ability to channel Swizz Beatz circa 1998 that drives some of the albums best moments.(George Bush Money)

Gunz N' Butta joint album playlist boasts nearly twenty tracks, yet only one guest appearance.

1. Killa 2. American Greed 3. Heat In Here 4. Face-Off 5.I -Luv U 6. Put A Bird Up 7. Monster Muzik 8. Breathe 9. Fuck-A-Freestyle 10. Lights, Camera, Action (feat. Skylnn) 11. Stop It 12. Speaking In Tungs 13. Hey Muma 14. We All Up In Here 15. They Don't Like You 16. Be With Me 17. Hey Muma (Instrumental) 18. We All Up In Here (Instrumental) (Gunz & Butta)

Vado recently discussed the chemistry he shares with Cam, which made the album recording process a breeze.

"The vibe between me and Cam was crazy," remembers Vado. "I'm from his 'hood on 142nd and Lenox, so once we started kickin' it like Goodfellas and he started recording with me, it was history in the making." Cam'ron and Vado look to continue flooding the streets with new music. After the release of their first official album as a duo, Gunz N' Butta, on August 31st, 2010, Vado will release his first solo mixtape, Slime Flu, in the fall. Vado says of Gunz N' Butta, "It's our first album and I promise it's so much of a classic. It's like all the Boss of all Bosses tapes put together. We hit y'all from all angles--we hit y'all from the streets, for the ladies, for the club... It's five stars, man." (Hip Hop Press)

While Gunz N Butta offers listeners an earful of vintage Cam'ron, critics compared the LP's lackluster production and cohesiveness to that of a mixape release. .

Not much else can be said about this albums quality. The production is not the best. There are too many annoying horror movie screams all over the place and very little subject matter for such great rappers. If you're a hard core Cam'Ron and Vado fan, you'll probably pick this release up, but for the old school Dip Set fans, beware.(Blunt Reviews)
A lot of the songs here tend to run together, so there's no need to run through many specifics, though "Killa" and "American Greed" tend to stand out as slap-a-housing-cop music. Listen to those two and you'll be baggin' up work in no time. That's how you spend a tax return. Go follow Harper Hill on Twitter or something if you're looking for introspection or to be uplifted. This is just something to ride to and that's OK. People have to stop trying to decide what's hip-hop and what isn't or who should be more diverse in their subject matter. There's something out there for everybody. Gunz N Butta is not classic LP material, but it's definitely valid for the time being and bound to keep Cam & Vado buzzin' as a duo (Mocha LRX)

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Preview tracks from Gunz N' Butta below:

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